Sadness and Peilicanpalooza

Hi everyone!

Yep, its been a bit since I posted. My Friend Val, of Wedgewood in Seattle History,  reminded me recently that the month of June was over half gone and no one had heard from me!. So, on a rainy first evening of summer. I thought I would rectify this.

First off, as always, Michelle and I are happy, gainfully employed and healthy. As are the families. The mighty P announced this week that those in the Puget Sound area and Spokane would NOT be going back into he office in 2020.  Proud of my company for making sure we are safe!

However, not all has been happy, hence the title.

First the sadness.

We lost a member of the family unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago.


The beloved, girl cat, C Catty Proulx, aka Pooh Bear aka Da Bear is no longer with us. She had not been eating and that is NOT like her. The doctor told it is was kitten cancer, and we made the hard decision to not let her suffer. She will be missed… Two weeks have passed and I still watch out so I don’t step on her early in the morning!

Yeah, 2020 sucks….

OK, time to move on to what else has happened since the last post, I consider sad news like vegetables for dinner. Eat them first, cuz they are the least fun part of the meal, then move on the better stuff….

Let’s talk about the backyard!

With the longer days and warmer weather (even though we’ve had lot of rain) the back yard has gotten busy!

We have a family of hairy woodpeckers enjoying there suet feeder

And the Goldfinches are starting the make an appearance at the thistle feeder. We are really hoping to see more of them.

The deer though, have been stealing the show back there! This little guy showed up with his sister. He was politer and nibbled on the natural foliage we have back there.

His sister was a different story

She was cracking me up and opening the door did nothing to scare her away.

The there was this big fella

He showed up with his lady friend to also partake of the bird feeder

Don’t let this sweetness fool you! Right after I caught this kiss, he kicked her! She did get her share of the bird seed though.

We are still partially city people. We don’t have a garden for them to destroy, so to us its still fun to have the deer come by! I go thought more birdseed that way, but I have plenty. Our neighbors can see our back yard from their kitchen and love the nature that comes by. So much so, they bought us 3 BIG bags of seed for the birds.  I still have one left to open!

(Just a note, we had a new doe come by today. Not once but twice!! Emptied the feeder both times…  I am going to wait until tomorrow to fill it again…

Michelle is loving her bike! One very nice workday, we both decided we deserved a long lunch and rode down to the beach to check out the waves.

Last weekend I took her here.

This stream was on her way to finishing the longest ride yet qt 18 miles. She is gettin more confident on each outing, I am a bit of a mother hen, and keep a close on her as we ride, but she is rocking it! On almost every ride she sees bald eagles and blue herons, and I can’t wait for her to see the first whale on a bike ride.

I’ve been trying to get out as well on the bike after work,

but weather has not made it easy. Its been raining or seriously windy or both entirely too often!

Since there haven’t been any whales to spot,  I have been able to spot a few other things on the rides.

The Boiler at Boiler Bay is always fun to see.

And somehow, in a place that is not conducive to going barefoot, someone lost a pair of shoes!

I have also not lost my skill at finding  bald eagles!

I was on top of Cape Foulweather and took this photo

But then, near the Bottom of the picture,  on that rock in the water, with the tree on the right of it, I saw this guy!

Its stuff like this why I always have binoculars with me! I almost missed him!

Beach walks have been fun as well!

I discovered a new place!

I went to Gleneden Beach, 4 miles south of us, and instead of walking north like normal I decided to head south.

First thing I noticed was this house being built

Now yes it will have an AMAZING view. But the paranoid insurance adjuster in me says it is just one big storm or high surf event from being washed away!!!  But what a place to spot whales from!

When you go north, at a little under 3 miles you run into rocks.

But  I am called Mountainstroh. I have climbed real mountains. A little bitty rock scramble like this aint nuthin! So up and over I went!

SO glad I did! Turns out its a back way into Fishing Rock Park. Such a cool spot!


Well worth the 6 mile round trip walk.

OH and I found the biggest piece of petrified wood yet on this walk! Can’t wait to tumble it!


I also made it back inside Devils Punchbowl. See that opening new the back. Wanna see it closer?

The waves were crashing, and the tide was coming in, so I didn’t stay too long. But I love going inside that place.

I am glad I didn’t stay too long! Because outside was pelicanpalooza! There must have been some good eats in the water, as I have never seen so many of these birds in one place! These are less than half of what was there!

They were having one hell of a pelican party!

I caught a few others the next day as well.

These guys head south for the winter and back here in summer. I just learned (though I do not know if it is true) that the pelicans coming to town means tuna will soon be caught off shore. I need to look into that more.

Back at the house, am still running the tumbler non stop since March. A new batch came out today

these are the best of them.

A new batch was started as well. It was cute, last week while I was working the tumbler, the little neighbor girl came over to see was I was doing. I let her pick out a shiny rock from my finished bin in the garage. Next thing I know she comes running over with these beauties

Her parents found these in the yard after a delivery of rocks. These will be SO cool when done! They went in today.

So in other news.. lets see….

We are still keeping a jig saw puzzle going on the table.  We FINALLY finished the 4 Dog puzzle. That took forever!

We are currently about 75% of the way done with the Smokey Bear Puzzle.

Its a good way to clear the mind for 10 minutes or so during work. Or, on a rainy morning with coffee in hand, hunkering down for a marathon session!

As we all know covid is still going strong. The Oregon Coast has opened up to the world with social distancing and the urging to wear masks.

Even though this blockhead understands masks work, not all do in town. Facebook is pretty polarized here with those who understand masking up does save lives, arguing with those who (mistakingly)  claim they are having their rights taken away by being asked to wear a mask in a store.

As you can see, I am ready for the weekly shopping trip.

Charmin Toilet Paper and Clorox wipes are hard to come by still here on the coast. So you can imagine how happy we were on a recent trip to the big city of Corvallis (with masks!) and we scored this!

Rest assured Michelle and I are staying safe. Even though places are open, we are still making dinner at home, or getting take out. If we go into a building, we mask up. It’s for our own and for other’s protection.

The more this goes on, the happier I am that we live here on the edge of the world. Michelle and the beach help keep me sane!

Take car and stay safe everyone!

4 thoughts on “Sadness and Peilicanpalooza

  1. So glad to know you are pushing through sadness, and focusing on the pelicans! Keep on keeping on. And don’t forget I am still waiting for kilt photos. Sigh. Maybe you will finally do kilt photos along with the photos of your first grandchild? I have four grandchildren, you are not keeping up! Get with it!

  2. First, the vegetables… I am so, so sorry to hear about Pooh. It always breaks my heart when a kitty goes to heaven; they should live forever. It does give me hope, though, to think that when it’s our time go, the afterworld will be absolutely filled with kitties. There will tails and paws and purrs everywhere! Hugs to y’all.

    Now for the rest… I’m glad to hear that you are continuing to do well. I love that you have a new riding partner, and I love that you have regular visitors in your backyard. So very cool!

    Thanks for the update!

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