Avoiding the Hordes

Hi y’all!

Here it is, Friday of the 4th of July weekend. I am happy say Michelle and I have all three days off!

As always, first the important part.

Michelle and I are happy and healthy, and still gainfully employed. As is all of our immediate family.

You may be wondering about the title of the post though.

Being a tourist town, three day weekends mean LOTS of people show up. In fact, so many do, that back when Michelle and I were tourists, we didn’t come to the coast on a long weekend.

Now with Covid going nuts, extra people in town worry us….

Now you would think if this block head could figure it out, anyone could.

Alas, there are just FAR too many people who aren’t masking up. To keep to the non political nature of this blog I won’t go into too much detail as to why this is. I will leave it with just this: “If you don’t think masks help, you just aint that smart!”

But I digress!

Since the lockdown started in March, we have not gone out for dinner, traveled anywhere, or been anywhere but Safeway or Target (masked of course) where there are large numbers of people. Honestly we don’t wanna get sick!

So as you know, part of what we do is jigsaw puzzle. We have had one going non stop since the beginning of March. We just finished the Smokey Bear puzzle. This one was fun but hard! All the Smokeys were the same color! This one is on the list of puzzles we will do again!

I am VERY excited to share the next finished puzzle with you all! Our friend Julie sent a bunch of photos of her trip to Oregon to Shutterfly and they made her a puzzle with more than 1000 pieces. She sent it to us, and we will pass its on to her other friends here when done. It’s been fun so far! You will love it!

We also have SO been enjoying the back yard! You know I love it, and have since we moved in. But check this out!

Mom and the babies were SO cute!

And let us not forget Dad!

I can sit on the back porch, or look at the window and be perfectly happy.  I love our yard.

But, as much as I love puzzles and the yard, yall KNOW I just can’t sit… I gotta do something! I gotta move around.

I need to go outside!

Last weekend, Michelle and I were running around, and noticed there were WAY too many people in town, and yep not enough masks.

I really wanted to go for a bike ride.

I decided it was time to take out the Gravel Bike.

Less than a mile from our house is an old logging road.

After one hell of a long steep climb, the road levels and goes on forever. I took off with a bottle of water and my trail mix cookie to explore the area. I thought I found a very cool loop route home, only to discover the road ended!! I had to turn around and do another long up hillside.  There are at least 5 more routes to explore here though!  And there was not ONE person within miles! You can’t catch covid from a tree!

Speaking of trees, gotta love what your gravel bike can show you. A little fungus (writer’s conch)

And flowers! (lupine)

It was only a 10 mile ride, but I had so much fun!

But as you know I love beach walks. But when the long weekend hits, they ALL go to the beach.

However, your hero, Mountainstroh, earned his name from climbing and hiking

We all know I can ride 200 miles in a day, but I can also walk 10 miles if I have to!

Last night I decided I had to! Well, 7 miles.

I decided to skip the popular beaches, and go for the more secluded ones. When I got to the turn around point, this is what it looked like on the other side.

Here was my beach

I only had to share with the seals. And clearly not ALL the seals were all that happy to share the beach with me!

Well it wasn’t just seals, I also had to share with a sea snail.

All in all though, more desirable than sharing a beach with a crowd of people.

Since the pandemic hit, I have often thought how lucky I am. All my bike rides and beach walks prepared me to survive and enjoy life during these uncertain times. On the road I can bike anywhere and go places others aren’t.

On foot I can blaze by the crowds, masked if needed, and get to the places farther away and with no people

I can’t begrudge people coming to the ocean. They have been stuck at home for too long. But luckily I have the skills, knowledge and leg strength to avoid the hordes!

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