Oh Yeah, TOTALLY the correct decsion

Sometimes you make the right call!

While Sunday’s bike ride and yesterdays beach walk were met with sun, warmth and blue skies (I might have a bit of a sunburn!) Today has been foggy and blustery! The winds are out of the north and gusting to 20+ mph, which is normal for us.

This is fun pedaling southbound, but when I have to turn around north to go home the fun stops and true work begins! I have done these rides before and will do it again, but really just didn’t wanna today.

So I made a different decision

With Roscoe my gravel bike

I have learned that on some of the windiest, foggy days near the shore, 2 miles inland the sun is shining and its warm. So today I decided to go up Schooner creek again.

I really didn’t have a destination in mind. It was a long day at work and I wanted to relax in the saddle.

In one of my recent rides I saw this sign. I decided I wanted so see more here.











Just past this sign is a gate blocking a very little used road.  Now I have learned these last few months that the gates are there to keep cars out. Bikes, hikers and horses are allowed.

Ok, OK, many of the gated areas have signs that indicate that bikes, hikers and horses are allowed. this one didn’t.

But, there also was not a KEEP OUT! NO ENTRY! NO TRESPASSING! type sign.

And since we all know its easier to ask forgiveness than permission (Officer I had NO idea bikes were not allowed) up the hill I went!

I went through the woods, listening to the stream below until I got to this sign.

In case you can’t read it, it says Slide Ahead (as in rock or mudslide)

When I looked closer I saw this sign

I wish I had a sharpie with me, I woulda put a 0 in front of miles ahead. Yep dead end. Time to turn around.

But on the way back there was a road off to the left going down…

We all know the trouble with a down hill road. I have to pedal back up. But it was so pretty and there was no noise or wind.

There were also giant trees to see,

Yes the road was calling me! So down I went. At the bottom I found this bridge.

Over this stream

The perfect spot for a cookie break! So I did!

But then I explored a bit farther…


This is the entrance to the fish ladder the sign was talking about!!


And here you can see why it is needed. The stream was blocked, this was constructed  to let the fish get around.

I hung out for a bit to see if there were any fish. But its probably too early in the year. The salmon aren’t running. You can pet your butt. though,  I am coming back in the fall!

I have to wonder, how many people have NO idea this even exists? The road is not that well traveled, and there is no way to drive up here unless you are working on the project to restore this ladder.

People driving by might stop to read that sign up above, but most don’t.

But with the gravel bike, roads like this are now pretty darn irresistible, I want to know where they go! I am finding new site, new routes and new adventures all the time!

I swear if I had started with a gravel bike, I might never had ridden the Oregon Coast or done the Seattle to Portland. The good news, though, is I am finding it is NEVER too late to make up for lost time! Roscoe and I have quite a few more roads that I know of, to try and who knows how many more I haven’t discovered yet!

Like the wind!


8 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, TOTALLY the correct decsion

  1. I’m so glad you’re exploring — TRUE exploration — on Roscoe. So fun! Though I LOVE all the biking, my favorite part of this post is you granting permission to your readers to pet their butts. 😉

  2. Beautiful scenery. Looks like you live in a good place.

    Are you far from another Oregon town called Newport? Are the 2 towns much different? Is the weather, crime and nightlife about the same? How is the Healthcare and restaurants in Lincoln city?

    I have also heard that the “Samuel Boardman” area on the Southern Oregon coast is quite beautiful, too.

    1. I am 25 miles north of Newport and both towns are pretty similar in all 3 categories, though with covid, night life as dwindled a bit. Both towns have full service hospitals as well and smaller clinics. And honesty north middle and south the Oregon coast amazing scenery wise. I’ve cycled the entire thing

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