Head for the Hills!

You know, I think I went the entire month August without a post! Oops. And stuff did happen. I may have to go back and do an August post soon.

However, this is not that post.

First off, as always, the important part. Michelle and I are happy healthy and employed.

Fun fact, when I donated blood a couple weeks ago, the Red Cross did a Covid antibody test to see if I had ever had it. I came back negative. I was curious as both Michelle and I were pretty sick in February. But it turns out it was just a bug.

On to the subject of todays post.

Yesterday was Friday of Labor Day….

Back in the day, when I worked in the Seattle office of the Mighty P, I dreaded the Friday of a 3 day weekend. Along about noon the roads start getting busy with people getting the hell outta Dodge for the holiday. By the time the work day ended, traffic was gridlocked and it was a LONG commute home.

When I became a bike commuter, this solved the problem!

However, now I live here.

A lot of those people getting outta Dodge are coming here. In short, our little town gets mobbed on weekends like this. Add to it this year, both the alternate routes to avoid Hwy 101 through town are closed for construction (NOT good prior planning there)

In short, 101 was gonna be a mad house after work yesterday. I wanted to go for a ride, but I wanted nothing to do with that mess! As we know, though, I have another option these days.

Instead of going toward the water, once again I headed for the hills!

Hanging a left, instead of right, at the bottom of our neighbor hood takes me up Schooner Creak road.


It starts as a paved road, but 4 miles along it changes to gravel. Perfect for Roscoe.

If I go far enough, and don’t mind a tough 2 mile climb back, it takes me all the way to the Drift Creek covered Bridge.

Yesterday I wasn’t  looking to go that far. I wanted a ride, but I was just looking for a relaxing, quiet time on the bike. Nowhere to go and all evening to get there kinda ride.  It has been a LONG busy week at work.

Up the road I went!

I stopped along the way to take those photos you see above. I have learned, happily I might add, that some of the best parts of the mountain bike ride are getting off to explore when it takes you somewhere new.

Case in point, in the last post, I shared, you saw the fish ladder I found.

I stumbled on it after going up this side road. (I did have to go around a locked gate, but there was NOT a ‘No Trespassing’ sign.)

Well there are also a set of lower fish steps.  I caught glimpses of them from the road. But last week I found the way down! I visited it yesterday as well!

There was also the most amazing nurse log in the creek just down stream.

All the rain we get starts the fallen trees a rotting pretty quickly. Soon there after, plants start a growing. Which breaks down the tree faster enriching the soil around it for more plants to grow. A fun circle of life!

After visiting the fish ladder, I got back on the bike and went to the end of the road, mostly up hill. Instead of going to the covered bridge, I turned back and enjoyed the fun mostly downhill ride!

HOWEVER, it was NOT time to go home yet. Once again I headed back up the green road and down to the fish ladder area.

I parked the bike and just sat for a bit enjoying the area.

I am enamored with this area. It is quiet, and shaded. All I heard was the creek, and a blue heron that flew overhead. And the water is so clear its almost invisible.

I sat there for 15 minutes or so, ate my trail mix cookie and just let the little bit of work stress that was left float downstream.

I did some exploring while I was there. Again adding to the fun of the off bike time.

I was trying to find a way down to the stream further up. I was unsuccessful this time. But on the way back I made a discovery.

Y’all know I am a science nerd. I love all things nature. Shoot, this post was delayed for 10 minutes because we found a garter snake (called a red racer here on the coast) in our front yard.

I don’t know, why, but I love finding artist conchs on dead trees. I found some cool ones this time!

But then I looked up and saw the biggest one I’d ever seen!

The photo seemed dark after I took it, so I took a second photo using the flash. When I got home though, I was surprised to see someone looking back at me! Does anyone else see the face??

Not sure if it was a tree sprite for a forest ghost of some kind. But he is there!

After that, was a easy ride home. 21 miles of quiet and fun. The perfect ride on day that was, by all accounts, nuts in town. I was rested, relaxed and a happy boy when I got home.

Its all about options and choices….


5 thoughts on “Head for the Hills!

  1. “…some of the best parts of the mountain bike ride are getting off to explore when it takes you somewhere new.” <— This is my favorite sentence of your post. (Though this is a close second: "…[I] let the little bit of work stress that was left float downstream." I'm so glad that Roscoe enables you to see that biking is about more than just the bike. You have definitely evolved in your biking, as have I. Not that there is anything wrong with the old kind of biking. But there is SO much more to enjoy while combining biking and nature. 🙂

    I'm sorry you have to avoid the crowds this weekend. I suppose it's a small price to pay for the awesomeness of where you live.

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