Home and safe!

This morning we got a text from out neighbor saying the power was back! Also winds had died and fog came in. Plus we read with the weather improvement the fires were not spreading.

It was time to go home!

2020 was NOT done with us though, Our hotel was just north of the Columbia River in Wa. To get home, we had to, I know it seems obvious but it’s true, go back into Oregon!

2020 put an accident on the south side of the I 5 Columbia River bridge that closed s/b I5 for hours! It was close to check out time, so we had to leave…

This meant we drove 30 miles NORTH to Kellso, to cross the Columbia and then drive to Astoria, the far north end of the Oregon Coast, and THEN turn south….

All in all 100 miles or so out of the way, but in the end we are home!

House is safe, power on and we had an excellent pasta dinner.

We are glad to be home!

Thanks for caring y’all!

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