The End of Day Light Savings Time 2020

This is always my least favorite week of the year. The end of Daylight savings means the end of afterwork bike rides for the rest of the year…

But first, as always, the important stuff. Michelle and I are still healthy and happy and employed, we are continuing to survive the global pandemic and avoid people as much as we can!

OK back to the post, the end of Daylight savings time! …

In the last year or so, Oregon has passed a law to keep Daylight Savings year round. Washington State has done the same. However, before it happens, California has to do so as well. OH, and there is also a need to have Congress approve. how hard could that be?

Yeah not holding my breath either.

I made the most of the last week though. Last Sunday and Monday both I broke out the bikes and got some decent rides in.

On Sunday last, I took the road bike to Cape Foulweather and back.

In Depoe Bay I spotted a couple of whales out there a ways.  Two ladies were just coming to the viewpoint as I was leaving. They asked about whales, and I pointed out (from a safe distance) the two that were out there and left.

I pulled over at Rocky Creek and saw this guy hanging out.

As I was heading back to the bike, here came the same ladies!  I made sure to them about this guy as well. They laughed at the fact  I got there sooner than they did, and that I pointed out yet another whale!

As they passed me a bit later, they rolled down the window and thanked me for the help!

I had to cut the ride short though. Since I watched both whales for a while, I had to race the setting sun home!

The Nearby hotel looked like it was on fire from the reflection.

The next day I took out the Fat Tire bike for the last after work ride of the year. The bike photo above was at the Depoe Bay turn around point. No whales, but I did see this fine fellow looking for dinner.

And there was yet another great sunset!

I got a couple of beach walks in as well. I will still do these going forward, but they will be shorter, or I will need to keep the very bright headlamp in my back pack!

The first was to Roads End looking for tide pools. Turns out it was lucky I went….

Getting to and from the parking lot there there are some muddy places to cross, and some rocky ground. When I got arrived, there was an older couple there as well.. The man had tripped and fallen and was stuck, and I heard her say, “You are too heavy for me to get you up!!”

I went over fast and offered to help. Between the two of us we got him on his feet! Then I helped get him to a safer spot. He was asking about my agate hunting, and wanted to go look for some right then! His wife said no, it was time to go back to the hotel! (I guess one fall a day is enough!)

It was windy, but blue skies and sunshine! The kite surfers were out as well!

As were the Starfish!

I ran into two guys “We be from Tennessee, we don’t have beaches there! Is there anything cool to see here?”

I showed them the starfish, “HOLY SHIT!!!” said the other, “Are they alive??”  Yeppers!  Then the fist pulled out a sand dollar from his pocket. “What’s this?” I told him, and that you don’t find them often, especially one as big as the one he had.

“See!” to the other guy, “I told you this was cool!”

Tide Pool Tony they call me!

And yep found a tide pool or two as well!

The next day was agate hunting, I found a bunch but also found this cool shell

And he biggest damn barnacle I’ve ever seen! That’s my size 10 boot there!

I thought about brining it home, but I was 3 miles from he car and it looked heavy!

Daylight savings ended last night. However, today, November 1 was to be dry, sunny and warm!

Long time readers know that in November sometime, I do one ride that equals my birthday years. That day was today!

Now this was more challenging than normal years. Usually during the riding season I have many 50 miles rides under my belt,  as well as a handful of 60 or more.

This year my longest rides have been in the 40 mile range. But darn it all tradition is tradition!

So I decided to stack the deck a bit. I rode along the Yaquina River, the flattest route I have.

I parked along near the Yaquina Bay lighthouse


Past the Yaquina Bay Bridge

And down to the Bay Front District. After saying “HI!” to both the Incredible Hulk and the sea lions


I was off to ride the River road.

I figured out I would need to do 2.5 loops to the end of the road and back to get the miles I neede. . Not the most exciting ride, but pretty!  This poor guy watched me the whole time! I am sure he was glad when I done!


The day started out chilly and I was in layers, but near the end it warmed, andsI was down to just the jersey for a while.  The last 10 miles were tough! There was a headwind, and a long climb up to the car in the end, but I was successful! 57 miles to be exact! My legs are very much letting me know they do NOT appreciate the ride!

All in all, even though it was a the end of daylight savings time, there was still a smile on my face most of the time.

I helped a family in need, showed people their first whales and someone else their first star fish. Not to mention, even though it mighta been cheating a little with the choice of route, rode my longest ride of 2020.

I know the rains will start soon, but that’s ok. I don’t melt!

Like the wind!

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