A Nice 3-Day weekend

You know, sometimes you just need an extra day off during the week… This week, I was lucky enough to score a Friday! 

Before I get into that, the important stuff first.  Michelle and I are happy and healthy, and yep still employed! We made sure to get our flu shots last month, and even though we are back in a Covid shutdown for a couple of weeks, we are making the most of it. 

We have already decorated for Christmas 

And in our backyard, Frosty the snowman is holding auditions for Santa’s Sleigh Team. 

We even went out for dinner the day before the shut down began. Tidal Raves in Depoe Bay has done an excellent job keeping people separated and safe, and who would miss a sunset like this?

So all in all, we are doing well! 

But I still wanted an extra day off!

The weather this last week was nuts!  Tuesday night we had the biggest electrical storm I have ever seen here on the coast. I was so spellbound watching the lightning, I didn’t think to grab the phone to video it! 

You know the old trick of seeing the flash then counting One one thousand, two one thousand. until you hear the thunder.  When you get the to the final number, divide by 5, that’s how far the storm is from you. So if you get to 10 one thousand, it is 2 miles away. This time it was FLASHBOOM!!!!!  there weren’t no thousands! It was right on top of us! So damn cool. 

We also had heavy rains, big winds and hell, even hail during the week.

One hail storm was so big, the ground was white, and out FedEx driver Jim told me he had to pull over to let it go by, it wasn’t safe to drive! 

But then came Friday, and winds died, the rains stopped and the sun came out. AND we had the day off! 

I made a quick run to the grocery store. We decided with the new rules of fewer people allowed in the store, it was better for only one of us to go. A quick in and out, no crowds and we are set for the week! 

When I got back, Michelle was walking the treadmill in the garage, and I decided it was time for a beach walk! 

With the weather and tides lately, it really has not been conducive for agate hunting. But on Friday it was prime conditions and the waves had provided some perfect spots to hunt.

It didn’t take long to find this beauty!

As usual, the big waves and wind brought in new items to be discovered. Check out this piece of driftwood. 

You know, until I lived here, I had no idea the colors you could see on a drift wood log. That red is amazing! 

Later that morning, Michelle and I went into Depoe Bay for some Christmas shopping. We are really trying to buy as much as we can locally, again to help out our friends here at the coast. One of our favorite stores is Oceanography 101, owned by the nicest lady, Bridget. She is always happy to see us, has cute stuff Michelle likes, as well as cool guy stuff. It was a successful trip.

We got home, and puttered around the house some, but along about 3 or so I was getting antsy. I decided, to head down the road to Fishing Rock State Park. I wanted to walk through the enchanted forest and see the waves. 

Being the science nerd I am. I couldn’t resist checking out the mushrooms along the way. 

But the highlight of the show, without question, were the waves! All the winds and big tides had things seriously stirred up! 

I sat and watched for over an hour! Every time I thought I was ready to leave, another round would start and pound away! I finally had to drag myself away since I told Michelle I would be home by dark! 

I did stop on the way home to take in the sunset at Siletz Bay though! 

While there, a bike packer, loaded for bear stopped for a photo as well. We exchanged hellos. and as he headed south while I heading home. 

More about him in just a bit! 

Yesterday dawned, clear but damn cold! We dipped to the 30s over night. It was a good  morning to sip hot coffee, read a book and and eat the homemade biscuits Michelle had baked with some eggs for breakfast. 

About 1130, though, it was time to get on the bike! With weather, work and the loss of Daylight savings time, this would only be my 3rd ride of the month. It was still chilly, so you can see I had the layers on.

But what a day to ride! 

I even saw a rare November Whale! 

However, the best part of the day was running into the cyclist I’d seen the night before. Arie. (guy in front) 

He told me a year and a week ago he started pedaling west  from Newfoundland, and was on the way to Argentina. (I stole this from his Facebook page Safari Arie on a bike) 

He told me he was about 60 days behind schedule (hence being stuck riding the Oregon Coast in November.) In March, like most of us, he got shut down by Covid. Luckily he had just gotten to his aunt’s place in Ontario when it happened, so he had a free roof over his head. Two months later, her saddled up again. 

You know, I wish I had asked him something. This just popped into my head. Last I heard the Canadian border was closed, I wonder how he got across?  Or is it just closed to us going north?  

Anyhow, he is a really nice guy! And it seems the cycling gods continue to smile on him. During the bad weather of the last week, he had been able to take shelter at the home of a winery owner in McMinnville!  this gave him a chance to rest and dry out. Tonight he is getting wet though, as the rains have returned. But as you can see he has the gear! 

I’ll be tracking along with him as he posts over the next year or so.  Damn, what a trip! At least in a week, or 2 at the most, he will be getting into warmer and dryer weather.  

You know, come to think of it, maybe its a GOOD thing he got delayed. Otherwise he coulda been here just as the fires hit us! He may be one person Covid helped! 

I cranked out 30 miles, and got home before it got too cold and the sun was still up.

Today, of course, was the last day off. But I happened to look outside and see a great sunrise! 

Today was chore day. Cleaned house, vacuumed. Michelle made home made refried beans and tortillas (YEAH I really gotta start working out more, her cooking is amazing and bike miles are dwindling!) She also gave the kitchen a good cleaning while I folded laundry. 

We also got some Christmas boxes ready to mail off! All in all a productive day! 

I am not looking forward to tomorrow, but at least I have Thursday off for Thanksgiving. The weather looks promising and we might be able to get a holiday morning beach walk in! Then Friday we gets our annual eggnog lattes!! 

So yep, sometimes you need an extra day off, and I must say, this really was an excellent impromptu three-day weekend! 


4 thoughts on “A Nice 3-Day weekend

  1. What a lovely post — it seems so “normal” (in a good way). How fun that you ran into Arie. That dude is LOADED. But, wow, he’s in for quite an adventure. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Michelle!

    1. He was the nicest guy, but I feel for him and all the rain! And I agree, he has ton he is carrying but he seems to be weeding things out. He had shut sent home a book he hadn’t read in the year of travel so far.

      He is a traveler after your heart, big on stealth camping as he goes.

      And happy thanksgiving to you!

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