Once again the bike was the better choice!

Yes I know, I have not been a great blogger this year. Shoot some of you might’ve thought I stopped blogging all together. 

As with all posts this year, I am happy to report that Michelle and I are happy and healthy, and still gainfully employed by the Mighty P!  Breaking news: The Man Child, during the time of global pandemic and layoffs, was just hired by the Mighty P last week! VERY proud of him!

With sitting down to compose a blog post,  though, like with all things, you just have to be in the mood to do it. I’ve thought about it a time or two this month, but good food, sunsets and big waves have gotten in the way.

But then there was today….

So the day started like normal. We had breakfast, yummy homemade biscuits and eggs, and I sat for a bit, sipping coffee and reading and watching the rain fall. This weekend we are in a flood warning. Not a major event, and no danger to us at all, but some flooding none the less.  (More about that in a bit) 

After about an hour, I headed out to the garage.  I am not sure if I’ve told the world this, not being the best blogger in 2020. but my trusty rock tumbler that had toiled 24/7 since March, bit the dust last month. 

It was a great tumbler and did excellent work. But it was NOT designed for someone who:

  1. Lives at the ocean
  2. Loves to hunt agates
  3. Has enough rocks to keep it running FOREVER!!!!

A couple weeks ago Michelle told me to start looking for.a replacement.  It came this week, and this morning I got her going!


The rest of the morning we watched the Seahawks. cleaned house, and folded laundry. 

You might be thinking, “Uh Tony, I am glad you are posting, but what a boring thing to blog about…”

Well lets get back to the flood event. 

I LOVE when nature goes wild. King tides, big surf, high winds, and floods. You learn that no matter how much we humans think we are in control. Mother Nature can slap you silly if she wants to!

On heavy rain flood events I love going to see waterfalls! In Seattle we have Snoqualmie Falls, here we have Drift Creek Falls! 

(this is from April 2018) 

Last year I tried to go on a day like today, and got within a few miles of the triaihead (Its 10 miles from the house as the crow flies, but a half hour drive by the one route I new before) when I was stopped by a huge logging truck broken down in the middle of the narrow mountain road.  CRAP.

I had to back up half a mile to find a spot big enough to turn around. 

With Rosoce the fat tire bike though 

I discovered a more direct, better maintained route! Even though its a gravel road, people live along it, and it’s well maintained. Schooner Creek road puts me on the mountain road maybe 5 miles from the trail head.  I was confident I’d make it! 

Along about 1230, even the the Seahawks were still playing I decided I needed to head out. Sunset is at 430, I wanted to be out of the mountains long before dark. The trails is only 3 miles or so round trip, but I wanted to enjoy the walk, take photos and spend time watching the waterfall. So off I went. 

As I was driving I was lamenting a bit not having the bike instead. There was a lot to see with the floods, but no place to pull over for photos. The creek itself was running fast and muddy! I was able to get this one.

Well a bit farther along, about a mile so onto the gravel road, a car was coming the other way.  As is prudent on road like this I moved to the right as much as I could, and slowed. He did the same, and I saw he was stopping and opening the window. I did the same to hear, “Road is blocked a mile ahead, tree is down!”


I did not want to go the route the I was aced out on last time, as its not was well maintained. Nor did I want to do a 20 mile detour to access it from highway 18 well north of town. I was shot down again! 

However, as a I drove back I noticed that it hadn’t been raining for a bit, and it was in the 50s outside. I also saw a lot of places I wanted to pull over for photos and couldn’t. I decided it was time to go home and saddle up Roscoe! I was coming back to get my photos! 

As I headed home, I passed a Oregon Department of Transportation (Odot) heading for the tree, but it was too late, there was a new plan! 

I got home, kissed Michelle, found out the Seahawks won (YAY in the playoffs!) and was back on the road! 

The first stop was the cow pasture nearest to our house. This is where I see elk frequently in my travels.

Yeah there were NO elk here today.

The small steam was well over its banks!

I went back up Schooner creek road, I want to see what had blocked the road, and more about what was happening with the floods overall. Schooner creek was higher than I’d ever seen it. 

And, even though I understood before, I was reminded why people along the river build on tall pilings! 

The creek was over the normal banks in many places. 

What is usually a quite, peaceful stream in the summer was flowing hard


Its weather events like the that supply my beach with driftwood logs! 

Further up the road I came to what I thought had blocked the road, a mudslide. It still blocks half the road. 

But I was wrong, just a little further I found the downed trees. Odot had made quick work out of them! (yep that’s fresh saw dust in the middle of the road!)

I turned around here so I could head back and check out  Drift Creek road as it went back to highway 101. 

On the way down though, I couldn’t help but enjoy all the streams I’d never noticed coming down the hill above. 

Instead of heading straight home. I went left and and up and over the hill that takes me to the past the transfer station (conveniently close enough for easy recycling of wine bottles, but well far enough from the house that we never smell it!) and came to the intersection that takes me to highway 101. 

This was taken looking back the way I came, after crossing the stream. It was deep enough my shoes got soaked, but slow moving enough that it was safe to cross. 

As I was getting the phone out for a video, no lie, a good sized fish swam across the road up stream! I was bummed I did get it on video and waited to see if another came, no luck….  With wet fee it was time to go! 

On this road, there were a lot of animals heading for high ground! 

Tom and his buddies! 

The cows in this field.

(Don’t worry, the rancher is just out the shot taking care of them and making sure they are safe! )

And remember the elk I mentioned?

They were getting out of the way of the water as well! 

Drift Creek was also running fast and high.

I KNOW drift creek falls that feeds this would have been spectacular today! I am bummed I couldn’t see it. 

However, after seeing downed trees and mud slides, it could be driving up a mountain road may not have been the best idea today! Hell I coulda gotten stuck up there behind trees or mudslides. 

All in all though, it was a great and very memorable bike ride! I got in 15 miles I wasn’t expecting, and saw things I never woulda have in the car. And aside from my feet, I did not get that wet!

And shoot! It made me do a blog post! 

Have a great Christmas everyone!!! There’s a better than even chance I won’t post until after Santa comes Thursday night! 

7 thoughts on “Once again the bike was the better choice!

  1. Although full of typos (I forgive you) this blog post is awesome. Now you have posted for the month of December, so all is good. That’s all I ask of you; to have low standards! Also, I do hope that you take a cell phone, flares and locator beacon with you when you go out on these adventures — wouldn’t want you to get stranded or washed away with the flood!

    1. Always have the phone! And Michelle has the tracker app keeping and eye on me. Always let her know the route and planned return time 🙂

      Darn it all, I fixed s buncha typos before publishing 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s a lotta water! So cool you got to see these sights on your bike! And so cool that you’ve blogged a heckuva lot more than I have this year. Happy Holidays!

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