Looking Back on 2020

Well, we made it! 2020 is in the rearview mirror, and it is a year that will NOT be forgotten soon! 

But as always, with the start of the New Year I do like to look back in the year for the most memorable events….

First off, as always Michelle and I are happy, healthy and employed. We are looking forward to getting the new vaccine and to help get the world back to normal! We have a long way to go, but the goal is in sight! 

Our town had no indoor drinking or dining due to covid on New Years Eve. However, we have always been homebodies on New Year’s Eve. Too many drunks on the road on night where the weather is likely to be bad, for us to want to go out! 

So like every year we made mushroom risotto (I swear my arm is ready to fall off after its done from all the stirring! But it is SO  worth it!)


We of course had some excellent wine with it! 


And when done, we sat on the floor, opened the grateful teapot and read the things we were thankful for in 2020!

It was nice to know in the year of a global pandemic, we still had a lot to be thankful for! Each other was a recurring theme! 

So let’s see, what happened this year.

Cycling surprisingly I cranked out the miles! I now have the option of the road bike and Roscoe the fat tire bike. 

With the combination of these two, and the older bike (lever shifters even) that I use for riding on the trainer in the garage on the REALLY wet days, I pedaled 2501 miles, and had a total elevation gain of 186.000 feet!!! I had an even 100 bike rides! 

This was more impressive to me because this year’s longest ride was only 56 miles. Most of the rides were 25-35 miles. Even more surprising to me, 2501 miles is more than I had in each of the years between 2009 and 2013!  Luckily for me, shelter in place here in Oregon also included solo bike rides and beach walks! 

I always have a mask handy though! 

But the biggest news of the year cycling wise was that I got a new cycling buddy! 

Yep! Michelle got an e-bike! If you haven’t met him yet, meet Rad.

I’ve ridden him quite a few times. He is a kick in the pants! (his miles didn’t factor into my totals.) Michelle’s knees won’t let her fight the headwinds and climb the hills we have here. The e-bike lets her get out and enjoy the coast like I do! So much so, that we rode the virtual Seattle to Portland together! 

We had 20 days to ride 200 miles, we only needed 12 days to do it! We rode together and separately, depending on work schedules. But we had a blast! 

She ended up with over 300 miles on the bike herself this year!! There was one week she had more miles than I did!

Sticking to the bike just a little longer. Roscoe helped me discover places I would never have seen! 

The coolest of course being the fish ladder on Schooner Creek Road. 

Its become one of my favorite places to go on days when 101 along the coast is really windy! 

Speaking of new places!!! Almost forgot!

I have ridden through Depoe Bay either coming or going, no exaggeration, 100s of times in the last almost 3 years since we’ve been here. It’s 10 miles south of us. Last week, I found a new spot in town! Aptly named I am sure you will agree. 

Check out the view!


Nope, NO idea this existed! I have sat on top of the this arch many times and had no idea this was below! 

Folks, said it before and I will say it again, a bike is magic. You will find things on those two wheels you would never see in a car! 

OK lets see what else. 

Books! I had 30 books listed on my Goodreads challenge this year. I hit 32! I will do the same for the goal this year. 

OK, moving on to the new hobby. Rock Tumbling! 

For Valentines day Michelle got me a rock tumbler! I was VERY excited, since as y’all know, I love finding agates on the beach!  (this heart one went to my mom!) 

I have no idea how many batches I tumbled or pounds of rocks I polished. I will tell you there were so many that my trusty, hard working tumbler went 24/7 for 8 months. Alas, he finally gave up the ghost in November. He taught me a lot though! These are some of the best results. 

I have a new one, and as they said on the 6 million dollar man, it’s better, faster and stronger! (OK no faster but 2 out of three is ok! ) 

Good thing I do, cuz I just found this beauty, among others, and will need to see how they turn out!


Animals were fun this year as well! Some of my favorites were these.

There were so many more, walking the beach and riding the bike, you never know what you will see! 

The strangest had to be the dead whale though!! I had no idea he was there, I was looking for agates, looked up and there he was! He was a juvenile humpback that orcas attacked. I won’t show the whole carcass, it was pretty gross, but latter I stumbled upon this whale bone. NOT something you see every day on the beach. 

He was buried once, and the waves dug him up, but he seems to be buried for good now. 

2020 of course will go down in memory as a crap year. 

We lost our beloved Pooh Bear this summer.

Not too long later Mewson gave us a scare as well! Turns out with him, though, it was ruptured anal gland. A quick surgery, and 2 weeks with the cone of shame, and he is good as new. He misses his sister though! 

Then there was the fire. 

From out of nowhere a huge easterly wind blew in, 0% humidity, the sun went down and the temps went UP. Suddenly there were multiple fires! Never before have I ever had to bug out and evacuate a house. We grabbed the important papers. the cash we had, each other and Mewson, and got the hell out of dodge! 

By the time we got to the hotel we were exhausted. Dinner was homemade blondies and wine and we went to bed. 

2 days later we were home, no damage to us, but 100s of homes north of us were destroyed.  Surprisingly, though, no one died! I do NOT want to go through that again! 

And of course Covid, and all that that entailed. We and ours are all healthy. And the mighty P we work for is going strong, so we have steady pay checks coming in. 

However, in May we had planned to go to Italy for a 10 year anniversary. Instead we had take out Italian food here. We have had friends who have lost jobs and businesses we care about are struggling! I am just hoping when I do this post next year we will have MUCH better news!! 

But I will NOT end this post on a downside! 

Michelle has spoiled me rotten with homemade food. Mastering Humus, Red Sauce, pizza dough, cinnamon buns, fish tacos, chicken pot pie, beef stroganoff, crepes, and SO MUCH MORE!!!  I now weigh the most I ever have, but we are taking steps to solve that with the new year!  Did the first 2021 work outs today! 

The year was bad, pure and simple. But Michelle and I were lucky enough to be together. We stayed sane with beach walks and bike rides, jigsaw puzzles, good food, good books and yes good wine! (wineries deliver! ) 

We were lucky enough to be on the Oregon Coast when the worst pandemic in modern times hit.  I know we are luckier than most. The year sucked, in so many ways, but when you live here, sunsets like this help keep you hopeful and happy. 

So onto 2021!  Lets ride it like we stole it, and hope that things truly will be better soon! 

Like the wind! 

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