The 3rd Beahiversary!

I am a smiling man!

On March 23rd, it was 3 years since we loaded up the Uhaul, pointed our noses southwest and moved to the Oregon Coast!

A lot has happened in the last 3 years (can you spell global pandemic boys and girls??)

But as if I needed it, these last few weeks have reminded me, why I love living here! Allow me to tell you how…

First off THE most exciting news (let the trumpets blare! ) Michelle got her first vaccine last week! HUZZAH!!  the Moderna. She got a email, there were spots open and we left work to get her to Newport by 1145 AM! Her 2nd is scheduled for later in April!  I am confident I will get mine soon, but I am SO relieved and excited we got her’s! Yes boys and girls, maybe someday soon the world will be open again and hugs will abound!

OK back to the beach!

First off, I would be remiss if I didn’t start with cycling!

Roscoe and I had a great ride recently. I’d been dragging my feet and sitting on my butt a lot. The weather had been wet, or windy or wet and windy, and I just couldn’t get myself to saddle up!

Finally one Sunday afternoon a couple weeks ago I said “Screw it lets ride!” He took me from the trees

(This downed tree he is standing in front of was a recent blow down or a very old red cedar, looking at the ring WELL over 200 years.  Sad to see him fall, but glad it was by natural causes.  look to the right of him at that big tree across the river, that’s the one this round came off of)

To the top of the local hills

And then down to the beach again!

In between I was able to check out the fishladder (someday I will see a fish there!)

Once I made it to the beach I was right back into those strong winds, but after seeing all that I did and enjoying the ride, a couple of hard miles with a head wasn’t bad at all!

The road bike is a happy boy as well!


With Covid he did not get a tune up last year. I can keep the chain clean and lubed. change the brake pads, and keep the bolts tightened, but that’s about ALL I can do!

Last Saturday, I took the car to Corvallis for a service at the dealer and dropped the bike off at Peak sports, where I bought him oh so long ago, for badly needed maintenance. (below is the day I got him)

Mountainstroh rides again!!

You know you are a cyclist when the maintenance on the bike was twice the cost of that of the car. But well worth it! Saddled up yesterday and it was like he was brand new.  They replaced the rear cassette (the sprocket thingie as I like to call it), as well as a new chain, brakes rebuilt and new cables.

Best part, I am pretty sure the new cassette has a better climbing gear than the one I had before. I made the climb yesterday to the top of Cape Foulweather (which is the top pf the big rock you can see here) I felt like it was so much easier than before. And since I had to climb that sucker twice (I went over the top and then back again) it was appreciated.

With daylight savings here, the days being longer and the weather getting warmer there will be longer, and more frequent rides soon! I just need to blog more often.

Wildlife has not disappointed either these last few weeks. The turkey vultures (which strangely enough is a sign of spring ) have returned, and the bald eagles have been out in force.(sorry for blur maximum zoom)


Then, another sure sign of spring, the rufous hummingbirds have returned to the back yard!

And we can’t for Sal the seal and his buddies catching a tan.

The ocean and beach walks, as much as I love cycling and bird watching, are even more of the reason I am happy we moved.

Sunsets still make me stop and just appreciate them

Funny thing! The only down side about summer is that when the sun sets, I am usually home and almost ready to head tor bed. That means from about May first till September I miss them. However, it is the sacrifice I will make for long rides and beach walks after work!

Still on the beach, The tide pools have been big fun!

Funny I read recently that there is a push by the scientific community to get people to stop calling these guys starfish. They are, of course, NOT fish, and they don’t was use the starfish name and have people thing they might actually be fish. They want people to call them seastars.

OK 1) they aint stars either, stars are in space. 2) I grew up calling em starfish and starfish they will remain, and 3) Darn it all! Pluto IS a planet!! (sorry #3 last had to be said! )

Last, but not lease, the agate hunting has been spectacular. Even though there was blow out last week of the tumbler (new parts were ordered!) I still love finding and tumbling the agates. These last few weeks the agate gods have smiled on me! I have found some once in a life time rocks!

No lie its like finding treasure. I walk along, putting in the miles for exercise (Friday night it was 7 miles) enjoying the waves and fresh air, all the while watching the ground there they lie! Mother nature is an incredible artist and sculptor, You just never know what you can find unless you look..

The funny thing, Friday was a bad stressful day at work. Michelle could tell at the end it wore me out. I was just gonna hang out, and probably grumble for a few hours, when she said “You know, a beach walk will probably make you get over work pretty quickly…”

Seven miles, pounds of agates and a few hours later, I had forgotten what stressed me out. I was smiling and relaxed. The perfect start for a weekend!

But these are the only reasons I appreciate living here.

Life here is just, for lack of a better word, Gooder! (Sorry Val its the only word that seemed to fit!)

With all the strife, and hate, and pain, and anger in the world, we have our own oasis at the end of the road, right where the waves start.

It aint perfect, nowhere is. But for the most part, the people are incredibly nice and friendly, it rains a lot, but when it doesn’t the sun shines and the waves sparkle

The food is amazing and good wine comes from UPS or FedEx.

In short, Being here, with Michelle, makes me happy. I am a very lucky man to be married to her and for us to live here and I remind myself of it everyday.

Soon, when the vaccines are had by all (hopefully enough people will be smart enough to get them!) We will travel again (we are going to Hawaii in the fall!!) but until then, we have the ocean at our doorsteps, and I will just keep smiling 🙂

OH!!! and stay turned!!  Michelle got me a kayak (of my choice) for Christmas. I chose today and it is on the way! Soon, our hero will take the water! Who knows what I will see!

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