A true Oregon Coast weekend

I am so sorry y’all!  I have not been a great blogger dude.

I started a new page on Facebook, Life at the Oregon Coast. With everyone who seems to enjoy my photos, it just seemed easier to have my own page. From there I can share all the photos to other places. Scary enough, over 600 people have joined! Not bad for a bike riding, beach walking cowboy with a trusty point and shoot camera.

But with that, I have neglected this. So lets get back on track!

OK, first off and most important! Michelle and I got the second shot, we are fully Moderna Vaxxed!  We have even gone out to dinner at Fathoms, on the top floor of the Inn at Spanish Head (best view in town)

Better yet, all those we love and care about have gotten vaxxed as well! We are on the way back to normal.

But that is not the reason for this post!

This was a fun weekend!

Friday, after a hard week at work (the week after Memorial Day always sucks!) it was time to relax. Michelle and I hung, out, sipped wine, and just enjoyed the fact the week was over.

After she went to bed, I even went outside to enjoy the firepit

You oof course know, I didn’t sit the WHOLE weekend!

On Saturday afternoon, Roscoe, the fat bike and I, went for a 26 mile ride.

As I saddled up, the rain started, but by that time I had pumped up tires, changed clothes and gotten the trailmix cookie ready to go! I was not gonna change my mind!

As usual, I went south on 101. With Roscoe, I was able to get off the road and hit the trails.

Because of that, I spotted these fellas sleeping on the beach.

Mom’s and babies just a snoozing at Boiler Bay.

As well as the Boiler that gives it the name.

Better yet, just south lf there, at Depoe Bay, I spotted a sure sign of summer! The first Brown Pelican squadron of the year!

I love these guys. They fly in formation, power dive like no ones business, and sneak up on you when you least expect it!

Last year was an excellent pelican year,

We will see what this year holds!

This morning was a rock tumbling morning. I have some epic batches going right now.

Soon, people I know will be finding same agate surprises in the mail!  This batch was done with the first grind and on to the second. I have some high hopes!

Most importantly though, this weekend started a new adventure!

For Christmas this last year, I got a coupon for a kayak. My wife loves me! I chose an inflatable from REI. It was less expensive, took up less room, and I didn’t need a carrier for the car.

I got it in March, but today was my first chance to get it outside.

I went to the Selitz wildlife refuge just south of town.

It was SO much fun! Even with wind, I was able to navigate the passages.

I was able to get under 101 to the start of Siletz Bay.


In doing so, I ran into this guy getting lunch. (great blue heron)

Yes,  it is true, now with my beach waking, agate hunting

and bike riding

I have a WHOLE new hobby! Yet another way to experience the Oregon Coast that will allow me to see things I never have. All make me happy, they let me breathe fresh air, and see things others never will!

All in all, it all proves I am a lucky guy!

I am looking forward to a an adventurous summer! I want to see everything I can! Hell, I might even kayak the bay!

Folks. here’s the thing. I have always loved the Oregon coast. Long before I cycled the coast (2008),

I loved it.

But now I live here! I see SO much. No day is ever the same. Shoot, on Thursday I saw this on a beach walk.

Most of us have to work  The key is, after work is over, or the weekend hits, get away. Leave the office behind, and see what the world has to share.

Now with the kayak, it will share even more!

Damn, I am a lucky boy! At 330 on any workday I can get out see the most amazing sites.

Now I have yet another way to do so!

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