The Ocean Decides…

Sorry y’all, I know it has been a LONG time between posts.

I could blame agate hunting, bike rides, work in general, and assorted other reasons. But pure and simple, I haven’t had (in my mind) a good topic. Is there a such thing as bloggers block?

For some reason, though, on a blustery but sunny Sunday evening, I feel inspired to try.  Lets see what happens!  And I am happy to see All YAll who read this!

So, in the last couple weekends, I have have had reinforced to me, that the Ocean has the final decision on what you get to see when you visit….

Folks I am NOT a big Rolling Stones fan, but one of the few songs I like is “You Can’t Always get what you want”

I see this played out all the time on my bike rides.

I go to Devils Punchbowl for my 33 mile round trip. Its a great place to eat a cookie.

Time and time again, while I am sitting enjoying the view, looking out to see if I see whales or pelicans, people make known that are not happy with what they are seeing!

“Where are the big waves?”

“I thought there would be spraying water?”

“The water is too high to go inside?”

“This is stupid why even stop?”

Each time I first wonder “Sooo, you know of other huge sea caves that have had the roof collapse so you can look down inside?”

Then I think…  Its summer, the weather is nice and the waves aint that big so splashes are a minimum.

They make tide tables so you can get here at a low tide, just gotta plan ahead…

Gonna digress here a second, regularly I get asked, “When is low tide in Oregon?”  Well, it changes every day and each beach. Let me explain about a tide table…

Ok, back on track and this is NOT meant to be a negative post at all! 

Last week Michelle and I went south to Bandon. Neither of had ever stayed there, Michelle had some things she wanted to check into, and I just like beaches and good food! A win all around.

It has the Coquille River Ligh house

The have an amazing Non profit that makes art from trash found in the ocean and helps bring awareness called Washed Ashore: Art to save the sea

This is a puffin they made

And this fish greets you as you enter old town (this was taken back in 2016 but it is still there!)

And Face rock! (won’t lie. I looked and didn’t see a face. But then Michelle said OH!!  Its looking up!)

We had a good time!

In addition though, the Ocean decided to give me more.

I snuck out on the deck in my underwear in the wee hours of Saturday morning (don’t tell my mom) to score one of the best moon photos ever!  (no filters, edits, nada! Pink moon!)

But the next day on the beach was incredible.

It was foggy.

But I did score some starfish shots

But the best part. With no idea it ever existed, I was able to walk through a seastack (Big ole rocks on the Oregon Coast are called Sea stacks) by finding a sea cave!

The ocean decided to have the tide low enough for me to find this. I walked through from south to north and knew I had to film and share going back.

I posted it on an Oregon Coast group I started Life at the Oregon Coast (holy CRAP I have 3000 members!!! But that is for another day)

I posted it there, and I had more than one person who lives or goes to Bandon all the time ask me where ti was! They had never heard of it and wanted to check it out! This is why I always give thanks and respect the Ocean gods!

Today though was a bit different.

Earlier this year, I had read that we would have some excellent low summer tides. And that the Ghost Forest in Neskowin, to the north of us, would be out.

A couple years ago I did a post called: A Science and History Lesson This was the first, and until today, the only time we had seen the Ghost Forest.

Just to recap. these were trees on land that dropped to to a huge earthquake a 1000 years ago or so, and covered with sand. Then one story day a few decades ago, people woke up to find ancient stumps where there used to be sand.

When we went there were stumps every and a lot of sea life

Today the ocean was a bit stingier!

This last one above, if you scroll up to the foggy photo, you will see the difference in stumps. What the ocean can uncover, it can bury again!

We were a bit disappointed. But we know that is life at the ocean. There was a wife who did NOT get that, as I overheard her say, “You got me up on a cold Sunday morning, this early for this?!?!”

Sorry pal, she is crannnnky!

We went home, and I decided to head to the local beach to see what the ocean would show me here! SO glad I did!


Not to mention more closed anemones than you can shake a stick at!

Even better though, I had the GoPro with me. I stumbled on the biggest….

Ok I another digression. I have no idea what a large group of Sea Anemones is called. I threw out some ideas and my mom picked garden of anemones! So Garden it shall be! 

I stumbled on the target garden of anemones I’d seen since I move here

The Ocean clearly decided that my local beach was where it wanted to share today!

What it comes down to it is this.

If I am doing an agate hunt, and walk 5 – 7 miles, and crap out, I didn’t fail, I walked the beach!

I sit hoping to see a whale and don’t see a single spout, I didn’t fail, I got to watch the waves.

And if I ride the coast and see nothing that warrants a story, I didn’t fail, lord, I got to ride the Oregon Coast!

The Ocean decides what we see! Its our job to appreciate what it shares.

Cuz as the song says

You can’t always get want you want… But if you try sometimes, you’ll find, you’ll get what you need!

Like the wind everyone!

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