New adventures?

So, long long ago, in a town well north of here, I started this blog.

Back then, as I am now, I was a bike riding cowboy.  The silver bike and I traveled all over hell and gone.

And I’d share the places I went and the things I saw.

This continues today of course…

The road bike and I still ride and see the sights along the Oregon Coast.

As We know though, the Oregon coast has SO much more to do.

Agate hunting


Whale Watching

and excellent food, just to mention a few! (Seafood pasta Rave at Tidal Raves in Depoe Bay)

And, if nothing else, there is  just taking  cool photos

A year ago Christmas, I added Roscoe, the fat tire bike to the corral, and new adventures ensued!

Some weeks just just are not enough hours to do all the fun stuff I want to do!!

Well of course there is that stupid 40+ hour work week does get in the way.

So of course, with ALL the fun stuff to do, and not enough time to do it, what’s a guy to do…

He adds new things…..

Nearby our house is the Siletz Wildlife Refuge.

Back in the day, this was tidal estuary that had been diked to make into cow pastureland.

Thankfully, it has been reclaimed! In the winter with big rains and high tides it floods completely, but most days, the high tides results in a number of channels that you can explore.

I’ve wanted to do that since we moved her.

This last Christmas, Michelle gave me a gift certificate for any kayak I would want. I debated for a while, but for space, and easy transport reasons, I went with an inflatable from REI, as modeled buy the lovely Michelle!

So yesterday afternoon, the tides were right, and I had the time! To the water I went!

It is near Hwy 101, so not quiet, but I really enjoy paddling and exploring the channels. You do have to be careful of obstacles though, both below the water and above.

Funny thing, I ran into Sal. That is a seal that seems to follow along on my travels, be it bike or on foot. he is there keeping an eye on me.  Well, of course, he showed up here. For the first time ever, though, he looked worried…

Maybe I was not as cool while paddling as I thought I was…

Funny thing! I ran into a family who was out kayaking together. Mom and daughter were in a double, while dad was alone. They were heading back from their time exploring.

Mom and kid were WAY ahead of dad, he was struggling a bit. I came up to him, going the opposite way. I jokingly said, “Doesn’t seem fair they are paddling together while we had to do it alone.”

He growled,  “It is NOT easy paddling against the incoming tide!” and he continued slapping at the water as paddled.  I thought about telling him he’d do better with deeper, slower but more powerful strokes, but I didn’t think it would be appreciated. I think he was missing the enjoyment part of the adventure

He wasn’t wrong though, when I turned around, it was hard to make headway. But, just like a bike, you go slow and steady. You aint gonna go fast, but you will get there! Well worth the time. (see the kingfisher on top of the stump?)

The arms and shoulders are a little sore today.

But wait, there is more!

Meet the Radmission bike!

YEP! Unlike a lot of cyclists, I find eBikes to be fun! Radpower bikes out of Seattle had this one for just under $1000.

Last year Michelle got her’s

And while it was fun to ride my bike with here. the girl would leave me in the dust at a hill! Plus, I thought quick runs to the local small grocery stores, or other quick fast errands I would normally drive to, would be perfect for the eBike!

Yes it is FUN to ride! It doesn’t have the power or battery capacity of Michelle’s, but I am ok pedaling harder!

Its funny though, pedaling cyclist rarely wave at me when on the eBike. Me, I love anything that gets people outside and having fun.

I knew I would love living here! But I had no idea how much more I discover, how many different hobbies I would have, and that I would have more adventures than even I could imagine!

I might have to call in sick a few times so I get more time for fun…

Don’t tell my boss!

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  1. I love all that you share. I get to see things and learn stuff I otherwise wouldn’t. Thanks for all your efforts.

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