Yep, I gotta go back to work tomorrow.

Wanna know the worst part about a vacation? Yep you guessed it. Sooner or later they end, and you gotta go back to work. So, tomorrow, after 11 days off (counting weekends) this will be me…

Yep, logged on and signed in to the Mighty P, ready to do battle with other insurance companies and the uninsured motorists of the world…

As you might expect, as lucky as I am to have a job that lets me live at the Oregon Coast

I REALLY do not wanna go back to work….

But it was a fun memorable vacation!

The original plan was to go to Hawaii. But with the delta variant surging, and the governor of Hawaii asking people NOT to come, and us not wanting to trapped in a plan for hours at this time, we cancelled the Hawaii trip a couple months ago.

Instead, we decided to road trip to Walla Walla to drown our Hawaiian sorrows in good wine!

OK, truth be told, as long as we are together, there weren’t any sorrows.

The drive to Walla Walla is so pretty from here. After hanging a right at Portland, most of the trip is along the Columbia River Gorge. SO PRETTY!!!

We saw Mt Hood, water falls, and miles upon miles of river, lave rock and blue skies and blue water. There is even a new bike trail!  One of these days we need to just go to the gorge and take photos and let me ride that trail!

But I digress…

We got to Walla Walla and walked the downtown area.  We had reservations for a pasta dinner at 4, but we had time to kill.

We when to the Kontos Winery tasting room, one of our favorites, for a pre dinner glass of wine.

As we were sitting there taking, and relaxing from a 5.5 hour drive, suddenly, and without warning, a Barbershop Quartet launched into song upstairs from us!

Now Kontos is a brick building, so it echos. Let me tell you that quartet had pipes!! The walls were vibrating I swear!

It turns out there was an older lady celebrating a birthday, and they were her friends. So they were singing everywhere they went.  Poor Taylor Kontos, the daughter of the owner who was working there, made a mistake of mentioning her birthday had just past, NOT knowing they were a barbershop quartet….  Yep she was still embarrassed when she told us about her song after they left!

Dinner was excellent! if you are ever in Walla Walla I highly recommend Passatempo! The food is so good, and the people so nice…  I’d eat there everyday if I could!

The next morning, I was walking to Starbucks, and looked up to see this!

Turns out it was a the Hot air balloon Stampede. It had been cancelled due to covid the year before, but, it was flying when we were there.

Well, some were, this guy was having serious lift issues!

Rest assured, he got things figured out and did NOT land downtown.

I did learn on this trip that I am no longer a runner.There was a time I could run like the wind…

Yeah not so much any more.

We were off to breakfast, and almost there, when I realized we had both forgotten our masks!!!

“Keep going! I will catch up!” and I turned to run back…

Yeah, it was less that half a mile round trip, and I was seriously looking for some oxygen at the end… I might be able to pedal a bike for miles, but a runner?  Not so much…

We of course went to Dusted Valley

And a few new ones, like Moonbase (founded by a space nerd who loves wind (sound like anyone you know?))

As well as a few others. We walked a lot, got Christmas gifts AND had good wine.

But we also went to WSU in Pullman ! (GO COUGS!)

We bought Cougar gold cheese, walked campus

Went to the Bookie to buy me new T-shirts, and had lunch at the Coug! A great day.

This was all planned by my lovely wife Michelle. She knows I love going to Pullman to relive my glory days. She was happy to spend 5 hours round trip to do so!  I am a lucky guy!

We did enjoy the scenery along the way though! Y’all know I Love the ocean

And the mountains


But I also love the rolling Palouse, the wheat fields and windmills you see in Eastern Washington.

We stopped quite a few times for photos.

Come Wednesday, though, it was time to come home.

But we came home to a full moon

And some serious waves.

I did a beach walk to find the seafoam was everywhere.

This happens when the big waves stir up all the plankton and other organic matter in the water, much like soap suds. It was everywhere!  I ran into a mom with 2 little girls who were crawling in it like snow. They loved it when I called them foam monsters!

I took a photo of this rock trying to be artistic

Little did I know that when I zoomed in I saw myself in the bubbles!

Soon after though the barometer in the house started to drop.

This means a storm is a coming! Wind for sure, and this time high waves as well!

In between the rain squalls Michelle andI were out watching!

It was honestly amazing to watch. I can’t tell you how many photos I took.

Today was my last day off, sadly Michelle had to work.

Though there was still rain, I decided to head for Drift Creek Falls for a hike.

To get there is a one lane mountain road with turn outs. I have driven these all my life. Today, though, was the first time I have come face to face with a fully loaded logging truck!!!

He was coming downhill as I was going up!!!  After catching my breath, and saying a surprised expletive or two, I backed up to the last turn out to let him pass! Good thing we were both going slow!

The hike was great!  Its a 3 mile round trip, with a rain squall or two, but well worth it!

I was home by noon and and avoided the heavy sideways rain that hit for the rest of the day!

So all in all a great vacation. Good wine, food, scenery, storms, waves and a hike, plus quality time with Michelle!

Tomorrow there will be work grumbles, but I will look at the photos and smile! No matter how bad work can get, you can never take away vacation memories!

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  1. Yeah for vacations! Glad you enjoyed your time off. How awesome to have the storm hit during your vacay so you could have some excitement at home!

    Oh, and I absolutely love the photo with your reflection in a bubble — a heart-shaped bubble, too! Very artsy. You should consider entering that one in a photo contest.

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