That just doesn’t happen much here!

As we know, its December, and in December

This last week was the winter solstice. And here at the coast ANYTHING can happen come winter time….

Up and until last night, though, the big news here at the coast had nothing to do with weather. On Tuesday, about a quarter mile from my house this occurred.

The building is The Snug Harbor bar. It is said to to be the oldest bar on the Oregon coast.

This building sits next to the south bound lanes of Hwy 101 in Lincoln City Oregon. It is a 30 mph zone. When traveling south, the building in on your right hand side.

Somehow this cowboy was heading south (some say at 80 mph). When (and remember the bar is on his right) he hit a boulder that sits in a rockery which is part of the median, he got spun around and smacked HARD into the building.

He was trapped inside and the building was in danger of collapse.  He had a broken leg, no one else was hurt. Luckily it was early in the morning and the bar was closed.

The going rumors are that he stole the truck, he was drunk, or both! We are still awaiting the final report from the police.

After that, the week calmed down some.

Somedays were what you would expect the weather to be. Cloudy and cold with rain squalls off shore.

Other days were still cold but oh so pretty

And being Christmas week, we hunkered a bit, ate too much and watched important things on TV.

It was shaping up to be a fun, relaxing and excellent Chrsitmas weekend.

But then, there was this on the weather app!

Now there are many people who will tell you that it doesn’t snow any the Oregon coast, ever, but our fist winter here we saw it do just that!

However, most times when we hear it might, it doesn’t, and if it does, it doesn’t stick.  And if it does stick it melts an hour after sunrise…

So that’s kind of what we were expecting.

This is what we woke up to.

Now for the record, Michelle and I went to bed a little early. But about 11 PM, I woke up and looked outside to see snow. I woke her up as well. That means it was still Christmas, and snow was on the ground. We had a White Christmas!!  Here at the Oregon coast! go figure!

But then the sun came up….  We saw this.

The roads were covered

and further along is a pretty steep hill (trust me, I have to pedal up that sucker) so I didn’t want to drive. I put on the hiking boots, long pants (my neighbor Butch pitched me a bit of guff for not having shorts on) and walked to the beach.

Yep there was snow on the sand.

While there more snow flew

Then when starting to walk walk home even more!

The kids of course were out and about making snowmen, albeit small ones.

And, evidently, here at the Oregon Coast, kids don’t sled, they use scooters,.

Also, being in a place without a lot of snow, some of the kids either forget to grab or just don’t have gloves. One of the scooter kids, who is almost as tall as I am, had some pretty cold hands.

Long term readers know I was a wannabe mountain climber in my past.

I have a hard time getting rid of perfectly good hiking gear. So of course, within easy reach, I had a pair a REI gloves (that were older than he is) that I could loan him. it takes a village ya know!

By the way, not ALL the locals are happy with this weather!

Coming up, the rest of the week looks to be interesting. The weather app says more snow and COLD! Maybe the high 20s, (which is rare here as well.)

Meanwhile the winds have the waves stirring up.


Life at the Oregon coast is an adventure. Rain, waves, wind, sun, whales and seals.  Now we can add snow!

It does kinda put a crimp in the bike riding though….

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