A Snow Day for Adults.

Remember snow days?  When I was a kid, and we woke up to snow, the first thought was “I wonder if school was cancelled?  Is it a snow day???”

One thing you have to remember, is I grew up in the Puget Sound region of Puget sound. Snow is, especially when I was a kid, a rarity. So if there is even an inch that sticks, the region shuts down. Too many hills, not enough plows, few cars have snow tires and there are a plethora of steep hills! So anytime there was white on the road, there was a chance!

One must also remember this was LONG before the interwebs!!  Or robocalls from schools for that matter. To learn if you had a snow day, you hunkered around the radio at the top and bottom of the hour to see it the news guy read your school district as closed before it was time for you to get to the bus. The excitement of hearing Clover Park School district closed rivaled that of Ralphie getting the Red Ryder BB gun!

A surprise day off to go have fun with that which nature brought us!  They were rare and well remembered.

Sadly, as a adult, most of the time when the snow flies, like last week here,

we still have to work, especially when your only commute is walking into the home office.

One would start to wonder, will there ever be a snow day again??  Then today happened!

Lets back up a bit before we discuss today…

So it was New Years weekend! I had 3 days off from work. I was very excited! I was even able to get a bike ride in on New Years Eve as well as New Years day!!

Shoot January 1 was bright and sunny, a little chilly but oh SO pretty!

I was able to sneak in 20 miles on New Years. You know you haven’t ridden in a while with 28 miles in two days makes you feel the muscles in you legs and your butt is a bit saddle sore! Gotta build up the endurance and butt callouses.

This weekend was also king tides.  Highest tides of the year. which in the past can put on a show! Crashing waves, driftwood logs being tossed, people learning how fast they can run when a big wave is coming right at them…  You know, coast fun!

Saturday, with the sun and minimal wind, it was pretty, but far from epic.

Still worth watching of course!  This is Fishing Rock south of Lincoln City.

As we all know. it is still winter.  The sun didn’t last.

Yesterday it was gray, and chilly.

It was still King Tides, and the waves were cool! But still nothing too far out of the ordinary. (Maybe I am getting spoiled)

But then, there was something new looming (cue dramatic music!)

A high wind warning!! Ok OK I know we get those a lot, but this one was different. First time ever I saw it say the possibility go 75 mph gusts! For you non weather nerds, 75 mph is hurricane threshold! Hold on to your hats!! This could get interesting…

Well it hit and blew hard! I went to bed at 930, the rain was coming down, and wind a howling, and I had to work in the morning. I was less than excited….

Well at 1030, i woke up and there was no power….  Won’t lie, first thought was, ‘will I be working in the morning??’ But I checked Michelle’s phone, the power company had sent a message, “Should be up in a hour.” I grabbed a battery lantern for the bathroom and went back to sleep.

Oh well, no ‘snow day’ and back to sleep

I woke up at 3 AM still no power! Now the message said no ETA….

I got up at 5:15 or so, as the cats were hungry. I grabbed the headlamp I always keep at the ready on the nightstand and headed out to meed the day,

I really didn’t get a lot of sleep, I kept wondering throughout the night:

  1. Do I remember how to start the generator.
  2. Do I have enough propane for the generator
  3. How will I get coffee.
  4. How cold will it be.

I’ve heard people say their mind won’t shut down so they couldn’t sleep. This is the first time I remember it happening to me.

I was just about to grab the cat food, and suddenly, LET THERE BE LIGHT!!! Damn, the power was back…

“Welp looks like I am going to work…”

So I went into the garage, to find the rocks were not tumbling because  there was no power to the plugs in the garage.

CRAP!!  This is bad!

Then I went into the office and the router was dead as a doornail!!  DOUBLE CRAP!!!

Houston we have 2 problems…

I was torn which to get to first…

So I investigated the garage.  Turns out one of the outlets if a GFI! (Ground fault interrupter) One of those plugs that has two buttons, a test a and reset. The are meant to pop if there is a surge. Welp, sure as hell, there was one, and when it popped, it blocked power to all the plugs in the garage. I pressed reset and we had power!


OK on the router. Even if there was no interweb signal, there shoulda been a blue light. There wasn’t. Bones from he original Star Trek popped into my head..

With the wind storm, supply chain problems, manpower issues, computer chip shortages, who knew how long it would take to get a new one.

So, I busted out the phone and called the cable company.

NOW NOW no groans!! We don’t have Comcast, we have Spectrum, and THEY give customer service!!

Got a nice lady on the phone who asked first if I had tried a different outlet. Well it is in a power strip, everything else works.

She said “Trust me, would NOT be the first time one outlet in the strip went bad” So I plugged it into the wall on its own, and Glory be!  There was light again!!  We had a modem.

But then she said the words that started this post.

“I do have to tell you though, there is an internet outage for your area. We have no ETA on getting it restored.”

HOLY COW!!!! Its a snow day!!!!!

With no interwebs I can’t get logged in!! Can’t long in, can’t work!!  I had to call the Mighty P and say “Yes I KNOW its the day after a 3 day weekend, but I am NOT making this up. I will be out for part or all of today!”

Luckily, I NEVER miss a day, never unexpectedly out (barring a major wildfire like last Sept 2020) so they knew it was ok!

Welp, with no work, it was time to walk to the beach and check things out!

Well it may not have been a king tide, but the tide was still high! The driftwood was floating, and the winds had the waves pounding!

And I was reminded of lesson learned long ago! In the winter time do not just walk down onto the beach.

The smart coast kid stops for a bit and watches the waves…  Just how safe is it?

Yep, gotta tell you, in all the times, low tides and high, storms and sun, winter and spring, never have I ever seen a wave come that far up the stairs!

If I woulda had to work, I would now have see any of it.

I was doing a 4 mile walking loop, and its a darn good thing I busted out the rain gear! These clouds caught me on the way home with rain and hail!

The rest of the day was spent checking the modem from time to time, reading, relaxing, and having a yummy pasta lunch, cacio pepe ,made by Michelle!

We were not the only ones with issues, the local grocery story couldn’t run debit cards, AT&T I read, had no cell service for while. It was like the pioneer days!!

Along about 530 or so, our router got all 4 bars! We have rejoined the 21st century. Tomorrow we go back to work.

I did feel a little guilty.  The day after a 3 day weekend is a rough one in my office, and being short one person makes a difference. It was out of my hands, though, I was at the mercy of the Interweb Gods.

There was a little guilt, but  I will always remember the amazing ‘snow day’ in January of 22!

This year has started well!!!

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