I am a 50-somethig-year-old guy who has just recently moved from the hustle and bustle and crappy traffic of Puget Sound to Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast. My wife and I were very lucky the company we work for allowed us to move here and telecommute.

As a cyclist, this is one of the most amazing places in the world to ride. I spot whales, sealions, kite surfers and coast guard helicopters as I climb the hills, fight the head winds and thoroughly enjoy pedaling along the ocean and the inland forests.

I live there with my gorgeous, and luckily, very supportive wife Michelle.  She encourages me to pick new challenges, pushes me to train on those days couch looks so comfy , and she is there at the finish line whenever possible on my long rides.

We have 2 sons, one is a grad student studying genetics at the University of Washington (much to my chagrin as an alumnus of Washington State University!), and one studying computer science in Western Washington University as an undergrad  We are very proud of both of them for all that they do.

So in a short, just a normal guy, who likes to ride as much as possible.

This blog started out to help new riders and I hope it still does but since the beginning it has grown.  Over the years it has grown and morphed into  a place for me to share stories, thoughts and ideas, some related to biking, a lot with the outdoors in general, and sometimes, not related to anything in general, but I think its important, or fun or both!

Now, with new discoveries in Oregon, I have even more to share with you.

I am also an avid reader, though I am finding that blogging is cutting down on my reading time! This means there will be occasional book reviews as well.

I welcome comments, thoughts, ideas, disagreements and stories.  Just like when I teach a class (I was a corporate trainer) things are a whole lot more fun and meaningful with an interactive conversation!

So thanks for visiting, if you like something let me know, and if you decide to follow my misadventure in blogging, I am honored!


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  1. Hi, thought I’d stop by to check out where the tentrain might be located 🙂 Now I see. Up by Seattle. We are in Central Oregon so you are not too far north. I look forward to following and hearing what you have to share, Kelly

  2. Whoa… Very nice Mr Valente! I like what you are doing here. Very easy read and follow. I’ll stop in and check you out every now and then. Good job! 🙂

  3. Hi Tony,

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    All the best,

  4. Hello. First of all, sorry for my BAD English.
    I found your blog a week ago. It is very inspiring .Just like you , I love traveling by bicycle. Especially in the mountains . I have a wonderful wife and 4 month old baby . My daughter.

    I can not stop to read what you write . Please do not stop doing it .

    Greetings to you and your whole family.

    I apologize again for my spelling errors.

  5. Wow, small world. One of my best friends used to live in Mountlake Terrace. And I graduated from Western Washington!

    1. I like you already! My oldest has since graduated from Western and starts grad school this year at UW. The youngest graduates high school tonight and will go to western in the fall

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