An adventure can happen any time you are on 2 wheels

Way back in 1995, when I first thought about climbing Mt. Rainier, I started reading real life adventure books. Up in the attic, in 4 big tupperware containers is the resulting library.  I have books on mountain climbing, arctic travels, rafting rivers and, of course, cycling. (We have a small house and no room for a big book case)

I am reading one now, and will review it as soon as I am done. As much as I enjoy them, sometimes they make me sad. Here I am, living a cushy life, soft bed, great wife, plenty of food, and a decent job. Yet when I read these stories, I see what I could have done when I was younger.

Shoot I have one friend, Sarah, (Honoring my Compass ) who is currently cycling Patagonia, and another two friends Megan and Poodle (Great World Trek) who motorcycled from Tierra del Fuego to Texas, and will now go from Ethiopia to South Africa.

Instead I did the responsible thing, got a job, raised two great kids and got tubby…

But then last week, I read something that made my day. Continue reading “An adventure can happen any time you are on 2 wheels”

It’s not selfish, its living

Once again, I must give credit for this post to a blogger buddy, this time Baz the Landy. He did a post recently about his training for an 8000 meter peak, and whether he was being selfish at all with all the time needed to train for this, and eventually putting himself in potential peril during the climb.

I have had this discussion MANY times over the years… Continue reading “It’s not selfish, its living”

Years of Memories in one small area

For the last 3 days, any chance I have gotten, I have talked about our trip up to Mt. Rainier on Independence day. As I said, we walked all over the Paradise visitor area.  And just as we were about to leave Michelle noticed this.


Buried in the pavement were these markers listing the names and elevations of some of my most memorable places.  Some good, and some not so good.  I thought I’d share a few and the memories they reminded me of Continue reading “Years of Memories in one small area”

I’ve Never Been There!

We were up bright and early today, and I made the Starbucks run for Michelle’s ice tea. Since I am working at the office closer to my house, we aren’t carpooling so I went down as she got ready. As Trish, our favorite barista (except for Stacy the VERY best ever) was making the drink, she asked if we had any fun plans for the long weekend.

I told her we were getting up butt early to head for Mt. Rainier. She just kinda smiled and said the thing that just amazes me every time I hear it. And surprisingly I hear it a LOT! “You know, I’ve lived in Washington all my life, and I have never been to Mt Rainier. I really need to go!” Continue reading “I’ve Never Been There!”

Staying on the Mountain

As many of you know, I took the name Mountainstroh for my email and my web page name back when I used two feet, instead of two wheels, to accomplish my yearly athletic goals.  Over the years I climbed or attempted to climb many large and small mountains.  The ultimate goal, for me, was to summit 14,410 ft Mt. Rainier.


I never made it, but once you have climbed on a mountain, it stays in your blood.  This means you stay attuned to happenings on the mountain.  This weekend what I got was some very bad news… Continue reading “Staying on the Mountain”

The worst climb I ever had!

I was doing my lunch time walk on a sunny day in Seattle. Just kind of cruising along, not thinking anything in particular, when suddenly a past climb popped into my head. For some reason, I started thinking about my climb on Mt Adams in 2001.

I was fresh off my 2nd unsuccessful climb of Rainier the year before, so I decided to climb the 12,000 foot second highest peak in the state.

This will go down in history as the worst guided climb I have ever been on…. Continue reading “The worst climb I ever had!”

They are with the Mountain Gods

As many of you know, the Mountainstroh name came from my years of trying to climb mountains in the Cascades. I had many attempts but few successes. However, each and every time I climbed, I truly loved it. There is something about being in the mountains (the higher the better) that truly inspires me. My friends thought was nuts, my mom worried each time, but honestly I miss it sometimes.

So, when I awoke to hear about the avalanche on Everest it struck a chord with me. Continue reading “They are with the Mountain Gods”

Hold that baby tight ma’am!

When people ask me how and why I started blogging, I quickly point out that it would NOT have happened without Michelle breaking out the Mac book, pulling up WordPress, clicking “Start new blog” and said “HERE YOU GO!” She knew I had been playing with the idea, but thinking “Really, who you but you or mom would read it?”

I soon found I enjoyed the heck out of doing so, and a day just doesn’t seem complete without a blog post. So the why I do it is easy. I enjoy it, I like to tell stories and share things, and people tell me I am good at it.

One thing I didn’t anticipate is that I learn things about myself as well! Continue reading “Hold that baby tight ma’am!”