The Strohs Mothership

Right now, is Seattle we have started that period of time that makes us love living here.  Starting the day after July 4th, the weather gods smile on our state, and you have a better than even chance of having a nice day for your outdoor activities.  This period of time can stretch clear into the beginning of October.

Since the weather is great, this is also Seafair time in the Seattle area.  Seafair is a month of festivities starting with the Seafair pirates landing on Alki Beach (basically a punch or rich old drunk guys who get to be lecherous while dressed as pirates (Purely my opinion of course 🙂 )) and culminating with the hydroplane races and Blue Angels the first weekend in August. (Sadly, due to the sequester, there will be no Blue Angels this month.)

The Blue Angels performing over Lake Washingto...
The Blue Angels performing over Lake Washington in 2007, with the Bellevue skyline in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back in the summer of 1986 though, Dave gave me a call, saying “HEY, Dan is putting together a raft for the Seafair Sunday, want to build one together and meet him out there? ” Continue reading “The Strohs Mothership”

Do Beer and Exercise go Together?

I have mentioned wine many times in this blog.  In fact, yesterday we went wine tasting at 3 of our favorite places in Woodinville. Alexandria Nicole, Ross Andrew and Dusted Valley.  All three have GREAT wine!

However, as good as wine is, sometimes you (or at least me) just want beer!  This is what the guys and I drink when we go out.  Many stories start with “I was drinking beer with Dave, Scott and Jim when…”

The downside, of course, is that when we get older, the beer settles to the mid section.  Who wants a beer gut??

Luckily, on Friday, I saw the contraption that will save us all, yes, the machine that combines beer and exercise!  Yes ladies and gents I give you the Cycle Saloon!





16 people can ride this thing on a pub crawl in Ballard WA.  It was designed in the Netherlands, and somehow made its way to Seattle.  There are 10 seats with pedals with non pedaling seats for 16 more.  THEY provide driver!

You can pedal from pub to pub, drink to your heart’s content, and then come out and burn the calories as you pedal to the next bar!  I noticed there were no handlebars or seat belts.  I am going on the theory that if you are too drunk to stay on the seat, you are too drunk to come along with the group, so they will leave your drunk butt in the gutter!

I was reading the FAQ’s and found some to be interesting:

Who’s in charge of the CycleSaloon?

The driver. If you act in a dangerous manner, you’ll be asked to get off and find you own way home. You can imagine the difficulty we had finding insurance for this thing in America. We need to keep it.

The renter. Only one person on each tour can be the renter and that person is the only person the driver answers to. Can you imagine 16 people arguing about when to leave the bar? We don’t want our drivers getting in the middle of that!

What’s the fastest the CycleSaloon can go?

On the flat, the CycleSaloon travels at a maximum speed of approximately five miles per hour.

Can the CycleSaloon go up hills?

Little ones. The CycleSaloon was invented in the Netherlands, where it is very flat. Routes with grades greater than 5-6% for any extended distance may require riders to get off and push. None of the hills on our routes have required pushing (thus far….)

Who can’t ride the CycleSaloon?

The CycleSaloon has a minimum height requirement of 5’3″ and a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds for each person on the bike seats. The back seat is perfect for those who don’t fit within these height and weight limits.

All riders must be at least 21 (unless by special arrangement) and provide valid identification.

However, the Brewery tour bike has a few adjustable seats! So, those under 5’3 who like beer can finally have a chance at the pedals!

What if it’s cold, rainy or windy the day of the tour?

The CycleSaloon operates rain or shine. We live in Washington – we can handle ANY weather! If severe weather does occur, the CycleSaloon reserves the right to cancel the tour and offer the renter a rain check. There will be no rain checks offered for rides once begun.

Have there been problems in the past with people falling off?

We have never had a problem or anything close to it. In the 10 years that Zwier and Henk have been running 15 beer bikes around Amsterdam, there was only one fairly significant injury. A woman tried to jump off while the CycleSaloon was moving and broke her ankle. (Dumb Twit (sorry I added that!)

SO, if you are ever in Seattle with 15 of your friends (or 14 and then want to invite me!) this would be the perfect way to experience some of our finest bars!  I’d rent this thing, but I am not sure 15 people like me let alone 15 people who both like beer AND pedaling a bike!! If you are curious, it $170 an hour in weekends.

Ride and burp like the wind folks!