Raising them from pups!

Over the life of this blog, I have mentioned my friends from college, the men of Strohs, Scott, Dave and Jim.  Michelle also has her friends from way back Kim, Mark and Rob.  Over the years, those 4 have had at least as many adventures and misadventures as my guys and I!

Last year, even though I know they all liked me (I know this because Mark here has threatened to end my life many times over the years (sometimes multiple times a day), a sure sign of affection! )




I was accepted into the clan.

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Struck out!

When I was a kid, every now and then the folks would pack up the whole family and we’d head for the swap meet.  For those of you who have never seen one, picture a huge-assed garage sail set up at a drive in movie theater.  (Of course there may be some of you that have never been to or seen a drive in either.)

Earlier in my alleged adulthood, I would do the same, and roam the aisles since “You never know what you might need!”  Luckily, I outgrew this, and Michelle and I don’t see the need to buy someone else’s crap.  So we avoid swap meets, flea markets and yard sales.  Well, except for one.  The annual Cascade Bike Club Swap Meet!  Which just happened to be today! Continue reading “Struck out!”

Impatient isn’t a BAD thing

From time to time, I know I surprise people from time to time on here.  Today may be one of those times.  Because I have a confession to make.  I am impatient!  I have a hard time waiting for certain things.

For example, I start the count down for the Walking Dead TV show weeks in advance.  Buffet style unit business lunches? I have plate in hand and I am first in line almost every time!  Part of this is because I pay close attention to the speaker.  When it sounds like he or she is about to release us I nonchalantly (ok maybe not so nonchalant) start moseying my way to the table…

Editors note:  In a big enough meeting, if you are first, you can get your food, get back to the table, eat it and go up for seconds just as the last person goes through the first time.  Try it, I’ve done it more than once!  This works for holiday gatherings as well!


Also in said meetings, watching the clock for the last hour willing it to go faster is a common occurrence for me.

More so than any other time of year, though, I get VERY impatient come March Continue reading “Impatient isn’t a BAD thing”

Its Never Dull

When it coms to cycle commuting, I know I am very lucky.  Since Michelle and I work in the same office, I get to carpool in with her in the morning, and bike home.  Or, on other days, I cycle in and ride home with her.  Rarely do I do a round trip.  But its an option I keep open.  This has allowed me to ride the bike either to or from work all winter! This has kept my legs in shape, and helped me avoid too many evenings riding on the rollers in the shed.  Outdoor miles beat indoor any day of the week.

I started the cycle commute to get exercise and to relieve work stress.  Little did I know that cycling could also make my commute an adventure, on a regular basis, as well. Continue reading “Its Never Dull”

Old man noises and a frustrating tire

You know, I can’t remember what show it was that I was watching eons ago.  I just remember a guy, who was worried about getting old, and kept saying he was making “old man noises” whenever he moved.  You know, the groans, creaks, moans you make when you are sore?  Well that is me today, Shoulders, back, neck, chest, legs, I am a hurtin camper!  But then, that shows the work out is doing what it should!  But I sound 85 when I stand uo…

To take my mind off it, I decided it was time to work on replacing the back tire of my bike.  A week ago, while riding in the shed, I noticed the rear tire had a bulge!  This made me doubly mad when I realized the tire had barely 1000 miles on it…  I pick up a new one and figured it would only take 5 minutes to change.  I am GREAT at flat tires….

Yeah 5 minutes. Continue reading “Old man noises and a frustrating tire”

When in Doubt use a Bike!

Please forgive the typos on this one, I am using the iPad!

I live and work in the greater Seattle area. This is quickly becoming one of the most bicycle friendly places in the country. We are getting more bike lanes, a bike share program, and the Cascade Bicycle Club does an amazing job.

This means I am used to seeing bikes put to many different uses. However, during my weekend in Port Townsend, I was impressed with the variety of uses the people of this little town by the water have come up with! Continue reading “When in Doubt use a Bike!”

I may have to give back the Mountain part of my name!

Ever wonder where the mountain in Mountainstroh came from?  I did a whole post on this once, but this is a bit different.  I call myself Moutainstroh, because for 10 + years my life revolved around climbing (or more aptly TRYING to climb mountains.  My final record was 3 and 6.  That’s 3 successes and 6 turnarounds.

During this time, I read every mountain book I could get my hands on.  Expeditions to Everest, K2, the 14 – 8000 meter peaks, the 7 summits, Denali you name it, I’ve read it. I would scour used book stores looking for ones I hadn’t read.   I have an “adventure” library stored in my attic waiting for the time I have space big enough  for the book-case I need to hold them all. Continue reading “I may have to give back the Mountain part of my name!”


So, as we all know by now, my bike was stolen a little over a week ago.  Seems MUCH longer ago than that, but a week ago today, Michelle and I came home from our whirlwind trip to Oregon with the new bike on the bike rack.

For the record, each and every day at work I have gone on a walkabout into Seattle looking for my bike.  Now it could be the dirtbag is purposely not showing himself because he thinks I am doing just that.  Or he has (as my favorite cowboy author Louis L’amour would say) Lit a Shuck and has pedaled out of town.  Shoot by now he could be in California.  I’m thinking he aint that smart, and one day I sill spot him…. Continue reading “Rumors!”

The Wind Rides Again!

Back in the day, which of course means the college years, the Strohsbros and Fros played each and every intramural sport there was.  Flag football, Softball, Volley Ball, Bowling, Basketball and even inner tube water polo!  When you go to school in a small town, you have to entertain yourself somehow!

Now there were many sports I could NOT play.  For example, the one time I played basketball I shot over the basket and almost fouled out before it was half over.  Truly, a man’s got to know his limitations!

Ahhh, but softball and football now… Those were my games.  I could run the “Pete” play (someday I will explain how it got its name) which is a long bomb to the end zone better than anyone.  And when we yelled snake bite, I could run down any quarterback and sack him!  Running the bases, I could leg out an infield hit, out run a double play, and snag a fly out of the air for an out that would be over other people’s heads easy!  I would tell people I was THE WIND!  (OK, I also had a BAD habit of not waiting long enough to “tag up” so I got out a lot too!) Continue reading “The Wind Rides Again!”