Why take the time to blog

In my last post, I did a book review on A tale for the Time Being. While reading the book, the 15-year-old, Nao, told us she had a blog going for a while. But then one day she took a look at her stats and realized she had only had a handful of people visit, no one ever commented and, when she stopped, not a soul noticed.

She essentially said that bloggers are quite full of self-importance thinking people care about what they say, and for the most part, they are wasting their time writing posts, as no one cares what they think.

I read that section a couple of times, and knew someday I would revisit it for a post of my own, little did I know it would be so soon… Continue reading “Why take the time to blog”

Seriously??? 1000 Posts???

So, sometime in the last week, I had a message flash at me from WordPress, the engine that runs our Mountainstroh blog. It was short and sweet, but made me do a bit of a double take.

This is your 1000th post!

OK, I had no idea I was approaching 1000, nor would I have ever guessed I would ever have 1000 posts. And it made me think about what all went into these….

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One Year In! Back to basics!

I logged into WordPress today, and saw a new trophy.  It’s the one year anniversary of the day Michelle set up my 10000 miles.  The original plan was to post mostly about tips for new bike riders, and about my adventures on the bike.  Soon, though, I learned that I liked to talk and write about many things that had nothing to do with cycling at all.

The good news was, since its my blog, I could do whatever I wanted.  So I did.  It seems to work though, my audience has grown to almost 240.  With the new rules, it meant I had a lot to talk about.  So much so, that I have become a daily blogger.  In fact, since I started, counting the occasional reblog, I have had 405 posts, 10765 views, and almost 900 comments.  Nuthin to write home about, but makes me happy!  I want to thank all of you visit regularly.

But for the 1 year anniversary post, I am going back to the roots.  Cycling! Continue reading “One Year In! Back to basics!”

Every Day Blogger

I am sitting here in the red chair at my house, after a VERY long day.  Traffic and weather were both bad this morning, I got a lot done work, AND I drove down to have Parent/Teacher conferences with the  Manchild.  I am tired.

So I am here, and I just got my butt kicked in Words With Friends by one of my oldest and dearest friends, Teri.  (But then she and her sister Barb kick my butt often!)  with the lap top open while I was playing, pondering my next post.  I just wasn’t sure what to write about.  And I considered crawling in bed and not posting at all.

It just seemed wrong to do so though.  I always post… Somehow, in the last year, I became an everyday blogger. Continue reading “Every Day Blogger”

Blogfodder II

My best blogger friend Megan asked me a question here recently.  She has decided that she is going to give her blog, The War in My Brain, more attention, and, for a while at least, blog every day.  She asked me how I do it.

I started blogging back in January, and with a few exceptions, I have added a post each and every day since then.  I didn’t realize it initially, but I came to notice, from the blogs I follow, that daily bloggers are very rare.  So she started me thinking, how, and more importantly, why do I blog every day?

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