A side trip to Pullman

Anyone who knows me knows I went to WSU.

But for those of you who don’t know where WSU is, its in a tiny town in eastern Washington called Pullman, 8 miles from the Idaho border. This means, from the west side of the state where we live, it is a 5 hour (at least) one way drive with half of it being on a 2 lane highway. As much as I love visiting the town, it is a 2 day event to get there and enjoy it.

However, when planning this trip to Walla Walla, Michelle said, “You know, we are pretty close to Pullman….” Continue reading “A side trip to Pullman”

The Apple Cup and Snow always means magic

You know, I can’t help but get a bit nostalgic when the Saturday before Thanksgiving hits.  From the year I started in WSU, 1982, until very recently, this was the day of the Apple Cup.  That legendary game between the WSU Cougars and those other guys who have a school on the lake.

I have many memories of Apple Cups past, and yep, we have lost a lot more than we have one over the years.  But whenever I think of the Apple Cup, my most vivid memory was 29 years ago, 1985, when Seattle came to a standstill due to snow, and the Cougar Band was in the middle of it. Continue reading “The Apple Cup and Snow always means magic”

Damn I needed that!

Folks, I do my best to give my wife credit for everything she does,  Michelle is amazing.  She knows I have been down on myself for not riding much, and not going on rides on the weekends.  So when I mentioned I was kinda thinking of taking the scenic route home from work, she said “GO! Have fun!”

So I did! Continue reading “Damn I needed that!”


OK, I am going to sound like an old curmudgeon here. Something that will sound like “Back in my day…” But that is exactly what I am going to do here. I will also be stepping away from anything to do with cycling or working out, and concentrating on the main focus of the week, the 2014 season opener for Washington State Cougar football!

This is a Thursday night game in Seattle, and it’s chaffed my hide a bit! Continue reading “GO COUGS!”

First floor or sixth?

Seems like every day I look Facebook, parents or kids are getting ready for, packing or even moving in for the first time in College.  Each parent is different when this happens. You’ve got some that hover over every decision, some that take it upon themselves to do the shopping and packing for  taking them the first day, hanging out, making sure they are all moved in.   Then you have my Dad’s way… Continue reading “First floor or sixth?”

Now you can almost understand the COUG magic!

I know this may be shocking to y’all, but sometimes, and I know it is probably rare, a Facebook post gets misinterpreted by some.  I know, I can hear the collective “GASP” and a loud “Ta HELL you say!!” but yes it is true.  It happened to me yesterday when I posted.

Ok y’all. Know that feeling you had today, watching the match, USA team dodging bullet after bullet, all along thinking they could pull it off, knowing it was possible until the very end? That is almost as magical as the feeling you get as a COUG!

I thought I would take this opportunity to explain how this is so.. Continue reading “Now you can almost understand the COUG magic!”

Yep we Coug’d it!

Folks, this will be the last Coug post of the year.  Football season is over and it was NOT a good end for my boys on the field.  We had this game (New Mexico Bowl) in the bag, no worries, all we had to do was keep playing the way we had been.

Yep that’s all we had to do…

And we Coug’d it!

image Continue reading “Yep we Coug’d it!”

I felt the Magic and never lost it!

I have kind of been on a roll here with my posts about being a Washington State University Cougar.  Go COUGS!  I thought, though, I should explain why I am being inspired to write so many of these lately.  A week from Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the Applecup.  

Holding the Apple Cup!
Holding the Apple Cup!

This is our annual rivalry game.  There is no time during the rest of the year that the Crimson and Gray blood of my COUG faithful pumps harder. 

Winning this game can save an otherwise dismal season (as it did last year). 


Losing this game can put a taint on an otherwise perfect record, one that won’t be forgotten ever.  I look forward to it every year, and I get louder than normal the week before hand.  When we win, Husky fans avoid me like the plague at work.  When we lose, I am already fired up for next year.

Today, though, during my lunch time walk, I realized something.  This game was my first introduction to what it meant to be a COUG! Continue reading “I felt the Magic and never lost it!”

The Coug Fan

So today was an interesting day.  All starting with a football game Friday night.  You see, I am a Washington State University fan.  We are the Cougars (COUGS for short).  Our Mascot is Butch the Cougar.

Game Faces!
Game Faces!

Our cross state rivals are the UW Huskies.  This means every week, I root for two teams.  My COUGS and whatever team is playing the Huskies.  Therefore I was VERY happy to see the Dawgs (as they are called) lose to UCLA.  The day is always brighter when this happens.  It was questioned today though, whether I was more of a COUG fan or a Husky hater.  So I thought I would clarify  Continue reading “The Coug Fan”