Now is the time to spare that extra pint!

It has not been a great day here in Seattle ladies and gents. We finally got rid of the Chinese President, and there were hopes that the town could get back to normal. No more closed freeways, normal commutes would prevail and our police departments could stop with the massive overtime.  In short we could go back to the regularly scheduled programming.

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Feeding the Inner geek

I’ve often wondered how my love for science started. Growing up I was NOT a big sports fan.  My dad would turn on football and I would groan.  “How LONG is this on!!  2 minutes left??  Than can last an hour!!!” (my how things have changed there.) Add to it my 0 for 30 single season of little league (Pastorious Reds right fielder baby!  Never caught a ball either!) and it is easy to see why I didn’t get into baseball cards…

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A flood of memories

Sometimes something happens, and as a blogger I know the blogosphere will be flooded with posts of every shape and size and opinion about it.  For the most part, I try to avoid those subjects.  I mean really, who needs another post about some dress and what color it is?

However, today, a sadness overtook the world of science fiction fans, Leonard Nimoy, who portrayed Mr. Spock for over 40 years, has passed on to the great unknown. When I read that today, I was surprised by the flood of memories that hit me all at once. Continue reading “A flood of memories”

Just my Opinion

Ladies and gents, I am going to throw a disclaimer out here before I start. I am going to be giving my opinion on a political subject. Before I do so, I will be explaining to the world my views on many things, to act as a reference point for those who reads this to know where I am coming from.

I mean no offense on anything I post, it is merely my view on the world, and I’d be happy to discuss anything and everything I post, and explain my views to anyone interested.

However, if you prefer not read something that is off my normal, sometimes goofball posts, I won’t be offended if you skip this one! So here we go! Continue reading “Just my Opinion”

When its time…

Folks, I need to tell anyone and everyone who is reading this that I debated for quite a while before posting it.  Those of you who follow me regularly hopefully know that I mean no disrespect at all to anyone.  Those who read this for the first time, let me assure you of the same.

It could also very well be that this post is being written too soon.  But, the way I blog, when a post hits me, I get it down or I forget it. So here we go, and my apologies so anyone who may take offense.

This post came to be due to two tragedies, one small and one big in the Seattle area in the  last week.

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I Really Hope we don’t Overreact

Today was a sad day in Seattle.  This morning, about 8:00, I went over to visit Tim and to steal skittles from Coni’s desk (she is in AZ).  I looked out the window and saw this.



We didn’t know it then, but it turns out a news helicopter for KOMO 4 news, lifted off, and somehow lost power and crashed into a car.  Sadly the occupants of the copter died, and the person in the car ended up with severe burns.

However this post is not about the crash, but my worry about the aftermath. Continue reading “I Really Hope we don’t Overreact”

Look what we found!

Once again I KNOW I am going to shock the heck out of my current readers.  I am very much a nerd.  Shocking I know!  Even people who know me in person have a hard time believing it when I tell them.  I think is because I come across as more of a James Bond, suave, calm and sophisticated kind of guy.


But, no it is just a façade.  I am one of those who likes to try and solve the NPR Sunday puzzles.  When looking at the paper, I gravitate to the science stories and read them every time.  I check out road cuts on my bike ride to see if I can identify the rock and follow the strata.  When hiking, I love to find stumps like this


Standing by history
Standing by history

It shows  the notches used to get high enough on a tree to cut it down.  It’s like touching a piece of history from over 100 years ago.

So you will understand why a discovery just down the road from us made me so excited. Continue reading “Look what we found!”

Now I remember why I avoid parades.

It’s not often I can remember things from almost 30 years ago.  But in this case I can.  Until today, the very last time I went to a parade on purpose (not counting stumbling over a Disneyland parade) was the Daffodil Parade of 1987.  At the time, the father of the girl I was dating was a Daffodilian.  This was the group in charge of the Daffodil festivities, and they all donned yellow jackets to march at the very END of the parade.

The family (and boyfriends evidently) of these people were given the opportunity to sit in the bleachers at the very end of the route.  I distinctly remember offering my seat to be given to someone “more deserving”, but I was outvoted (and though her mom was a great lady, one did NOT argue with) so I was there for hours….  (For the record I thought he was the coolest guy and had the biggest smile as he waved walking past)

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I’ll admit it, I thought we were in trouble.

We all know I am a diehard WSU COUG fan.  I always will be.  But this time of year, with college over, the attention changes to the Seattle Seahawks.  And attention it is!  I have to tell you, that when the Hawks are playing in the regular season, you see Seahawk blue and 12th man flags everywhere!

But when, like now, they are in the play offs, the town erupts.  It, for all intents and purposes, feels like one giant college campus getting ready for the rivalry game.  Hell, even my company gets in the act.  This is our lobby at PEMCO.



So yep. I was blue Fridayed up, and ready to watch today, but I am going to come clean.  I did NOT think we would pull it off! Continue reading “I’ll admit it, I thought we were in trouble.”

Why can’t they use helicopters!

Folks, I’ll warn you right up front, I am going to be complaining in this post.  I do every time this happens, and I probably always will.

We got word (the first inkling was from my buddy Matt on Facebook!  He likes plans and posted a notification of airspace closing) that this was going to happen today.  The radio confirmed it, and the Manchild and I made the call to head south early.  Yep traffic was going to suck something fierce!  And if  we didn’t get out, we might never get him home!

What is it I am talking about?  Well its this:  The president was coming to town today!

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