Food Makes the Legs Go Round, part 2

Yesterday, I took the chance to rave (and complain a little) about some great breakfasts I had along the Oregon Coast. The 50 mile omelets did a great job getting me on the road, up and over the hillsimg_3313and to our final destination. There is only one problem with this, after 50 miles the 50 mile omelet wears off and you get hungry again! The ladies soon learned that after we got to the hotel and showered it was time to feed us NOW! Continue reading “Food Makes the Legs Go Round, part 2”

Food makes the legs go round

As we rode along the Oregon Coast, Rob and I saw some amazing sights. Whales swimming, waves crashing, gorgeous trees and great beaches. Most of the stops along the way were due to me wanting to take year another photo.


However, there were other things I truly enjoyed, the food!  Continue reading “Food makes the legs go round”

Rewarded Myself Today

OK, like many people, I try to recover from the holidays in January.  the Holidays are a time of eating and drinking too much, not exercising enough, and watching the belt of truth moving to a hole that shows your waist IS getting bigger.

So in January I have been dry as a tater chip.  Yep no beer or wine till sometime in February.  I have been eating better (no snacks in the house) and I have been working out more.  For the last three weeks I have either worked out or been on the bike riding home 6 out of 7 days each week.

So today, I decided it was a day to reward myself!

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Wisdom and Brautwurst!

I am not sure if I’ve ever discussed my favorite food s with yall, so today seems like a great day to do it!

I am sure everyone has certain things they really really like!  For me, there are a few.  Brownies and chocolate chip cookies top the list.  I could eat both all day every day.  I am not a big candy bar person, but a big cookie or brownie, and I am all over it!  Trust me with your money, kids or pet, but lord not with your brownies!

Then there is pizza.  It’s the perfect food!  Grains, meat, dairy, vegies, fiber hell even fruit.  My best dinner and breakfast when cycling the Oregon coast was a large meat lovers pizza!  Good warm or cold!  Without pizza, there is always a good burger!  Preferably a mushroom swiss!  YUM!!

There are others, but today, we are discussing hot dogs and the horror that happened at work today…  Continue reading “Wisdom and Brautwurst!”

Pizza and Paper Plates!

I know this will come as a shock to all of those who know me and to most of you who read this blog.  But I feel its time I make a confession.  Yes, it is true, I like to pick on people.  Michelle and I refer to it as poking the bear.  Why do I do this?  Well, because it’s fun.

Last weekend Mathmajor and his girlfriend spent the night with us.  They were in town for a Rave (yeah still not sure what a rave is, but they were here).  She was very sweet, and polite and thanked me for letting them stay with us.  I just looked at her, deadpan, and said “Wait!  What?  You are staying here too?  He only said he wanted to stay he never mentioned you!” Behind her I could see Mathmajor smiling and shaking his head.

She just froze, and then “Well I could just drive to Tacoma afterwards, its not THAT far (40 miles from here) really its ok….”  I lost it and giggled, Michelle kicked me, and all was good.  Now picking on her was ok for just a bit, afterwards, it would be like kicking a puppy.  I was very nice to her after that.

However, those that know me, and have for a while, get picked on MUCH more!

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Did I Really Just Hear That??

As you all know, I have been in Spokane for the last two weeks teaching a class of new hires for the mighty P.  This has of course meant no bike riding, trying to “on” while having an UGLY cold and having my regular healthy eating habits being thrown out the window.  Eating hotel food and going out for lunch and dinner gets old.

Given the location of my office in Spokane, I have been spending some quality time at Subway Sandwich for lunch.  Now, given the fact I am known for eating the same thing every day for lunch (Creature of Habit they call me) this has not been a bad thing.  I like quite a few of their sandwiches, and they have different breads, so I honestly haven’t had the same thing twice.  Since I’ve been there.  And the people are really nice, and very fast.  So this is NOT a complaint about Subway at all.

This post was inspired by a conversation I overheard while having my sandwich made, all revolving around the Tuscan Chicken Melt sandwich. Continue reading “Did I Really Just Hear That??”

Elixir of Life!

I am not really a pop drinker.  Or depending on where you come from, a soda drinker.  When I eat lunch or dinner at home, I usually drink water with it.  Breakfast at home, it’s my morning tea.  When eating out, sometimes I will get an orange juice, and almost always coffee with breakfast.  Lunch or dinner, I drink a lot of water.  This does NOT of course include those times wine or beer is called for.

When I am thirsty, I simply don’t think of a sweet, bubbly beverage.  I think water or PowerAde and try to stay very hydrated.  VERY rarely I will have a root beer for a change.  The carbonated beverage industry would go broke if it relied on me.  That is, of course, with one exception.  Continue reading “Elixir of Life!”