John Cusack brings about an epiphany

Folks, I am not sure if I have ever put a warning label on post before. This time I think I will.  What I will post here is not meant to offend anyone.  I have many many friends who have incredible faith. Though I can never understand how they have that, I would never ever try to take it away from them.

We can all believe what want, which is one of the things I love about where we live.

However, while watching 2012 with John Cusack (A GREAT disaster flick!) I had an epiphany, about life, beliefs and people.  So, meaning no disrespect, here’s what went through my head during and after my 20 mile roller workout at the movies! Church goers may not like it, so feel free to skip this post, I won’t be offended at all if you do. Continue reading “John Cusack brings about an epiphany”

Life is too short for…

Yesterday, the huge buzz on the interwebs was that Lunch meat and (gasp) bacon, could cause cancer.  My one vegan friend (love her, even though I will never understand how someone can give up eggs, cheese and, well, bacon!) asked on Facebook “Why would anyone eat anything that causes cancer?”  My reply of course was, “Cuz its YUMMY!”

Soon, someone after that replied to me with the following:

“Life is too short to take unnecessary risks.”

And a blog post was born…. Continue reading “Life is too short for…”

Stupid SOB’s!

OK folks, fair warning here.  I do NOT like people who lump people together and complain about them.  Be it race, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality, it is just wrong.  However, today, I am going to break that rule a bit.

Why, because there are some serious assholes (excuse my language) who are causing misery to many of us in the Northwest! Continue reading “Stupid SOB’s!”

They knew the risks

I consider myself very lucky living in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the great places to cycle, the oceans, the great coffee and fantastic wine, the hiking one can experience up here would compare to anywhere in the world.

You have your choice to go to raging rivers, peaceful alpine lakes, secluded ocean beaches, mountain tops and, ice caves.  I encourage as many people as I can to experience all the nature they can up here. Sadly, yesterday, 6 people forgot to pack their common sense. Continue reading “They knew the risks”

Yep he seriously said it!

OK, in the years since has been around, I have tried not expound on my on beliefs too much when it comes to religion or politics. I will pick on the UW Huskies any chance I get, call out stupid car drivers and bike riders, and tell stories of those who annoy me.

So, even though I am going to go off the Gawd of Right Wing Talk show hosts, his royal highness the Prince of Pomposity, Rush Limbaugh, I am not doing it for political reasons, I am doing so because the man said something even more ridiculous that normal (and for him that is an accomplishment! (OK a dig there I admit))

The man said someone was too old to ride a bike!

Continue reading “Yep he seriously said it!”

In my house we call it “Poking the Bear”

There are those I know who will adamantly dispute this, but alas it really is true.  I have mellowed with age. There was a time in my not too distant past that I would purposely stir up trouble, especially in meetings, just to sit back and watch the fun.  We call this: Poking the bear

There were reasons for this:  I hated meetings and found most of them to be a waste of time. People who think they are ALL that annoy me.  And there are just some people who are fun to watch when they get indignant.

Though it still does occur at times, getting laid off and having three years with a crazy one-eyed boss taught me to control it some.

This year, though, I have met the master of bear pokage: Neil deGrasse Tyson Continue reading “In my house we call it “Poking the Bear””

Star Stuff

Yep, I’ve admitted it before many times, I am a nerd.  There’s, no denying it.   Shoot back in the day when I taught high school and Jr High, I ever wore sweater vests.  My fashion sense has obviously changed since then

imageBut the nerdness is still there.  So much so, that today’s post was inspired by my 2014 Day at a Glance Star Trek calendar… Continue reading “Star Stuff”

Let’s do this a different way! @whitehouse

I wasn’t able to ride the bike home from work today.  Michelle was helping her mom go that the doctor and the Manchild was coming up after he did his speech in class.  Since he really doesn’t like to ride home on my handle bars, that meant I needed the car to get him home.  Now normally this isn’t an issue, especially since we get to use the carpool lane.  However, today I had to plan around a different obstacle, the President was in town. Continue reading “Let’s do this a different way! @whitehouse”

Cascade Bike Club NOT your smartest idea ever. @Cascade

In the interest of full disclosure here, I am a long-term member and big fan of Cascade Bike Club.  Many of my biggest accomplishments on two wheels have occurred while on one of their well-run organized rides.  The support is amazing, the people friendly and the advances they have gotten for us Washington State riders are too many to count.  They are one helluva group.

However, no one or no organization is perfect.  We all make a mistake or do something dumb.  In my opinion, Sunday was Cascade’s turn!

Continue reading “Cascade Bike Club NOT your smartest idea ever. @Cascade”