Let’s do this a different way! @whitehouse

I wasn’t able to ride the bike home from work today.  Michelle was helping her mom go that the doctor and the Manchild was coming up after he did his speech in class.  Since he really doesn’t like to ride home on my handle bars, that meant I needed the car to get him home.  Now normally this isn’t an issue, especially since we get to use the carpool lane.  However, today I had to plan around a different obstacle, the President was in town. Continue reading “Let’s do this a different way! @whitehouse”

Cascade Bike Club NOT your smartest idea ever. @Cascade

In the interest of full disclosure here, I am a long-term member and big fan of Cascade Bike Club.  Many of my biggest accomplishments on two wheels have occurred while on one of their well-run organized rides.  The support is amazing, the people friendly and the advances they have gotten for us Washington State riders are too many to count.  They are one helluva group.

However, no one or no organization is perfect.  We all make a mistake or do something dumb.  In my opinion, Sunday was Cascade’s turn!

Continue reading “Cascade Bike Club NOT your smartest idea ever. @Cascade”

Tell me I did NOT Hear that!

You know, overall I know I am many things: Loud, sometimes obnoxious (in a good way) energetic, cold & callous. reasonably intelligent, kinda funny, a pain in the rear and a cyclist. I think we can all describe ourselves in many ways.

One thing, though, I’ve kinda prided myself on is my tolerance. It takes a lot to get me fired up. Last night though, listening to the radio it happened! Continue reading “Tell me I did NOT Hear that!”

Parents know best!

AS much as I hate to admit it, real life just gets in the way of riding the bike sometimes. This week I am training at the office closer to my house. Normally this is not a bad thing, as its only 5 miles from the house. This means I usually bike it round trip.

However, today, it wasn’t an option. The person I am teaching doesn’t start till 9, and I have to take the manchild home after work. Add to it the stack of stuff I had to haul for this class and it adds up to having to drive (at least today).

The one advantage, I listened to the radio this morning on the way. It allowed me to hear that the rescue of the family stuck on the sailboat off the coast of Mexico was a success. But then the news told me something that made me mad. Continue reading “Parents know best!”


OK, I do NOT want to be a spoiler.  So, right here and right now, if you are NOT caught up on the Walking Dead, including last night’s (3/16/14) episode.  Then you do NOT want to read this post yet…

For those of you who are thinking, “I don’t watch that show, so why would I want to read this?”  I might say give it a chance anyway.  I have a few friends (very few, one of em prefers chick books to zombies) that will NOT watch this.  I’ve heard a few of them say, “Why do I want to watch a show where all they do is kill zombies?”

Well I am here to tell you that last night, as well as most of the episodes we’ve had since the mid-season break has shown it isn’t just a zombie show, last night in particular demonstrated this. Continue reading “Wow”

Ghosts vs. Life on Other Planets

One thing readers of this blog may not know is I graduated from WSU to be a science teacher.  Throughout Jr. and Sr. High School as well as college  I took every science class I could.  Biology, Physics, Marine Biology, Geology, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry and  Forestry.   I enjoyed each and every one of these, and from time to time, the things I learned have come in handy.

I never did become a high school teacher, but the math and science I learned helped me a lot when I was investigating auto accidents and evaluating injuries at the Mighty P.  In my humble opinion, math and science are the two most important things a kid can learn.  Not just for the subject itself, but it trains them to think.

This is why I question everything and take nothing on faith.  My rule is “If I haven’t seen it, or it isn’t logical or make sense, then I doubt it.”  So personally to me, this means I believe there is life on other planets, but I do NOT in any way believe in ghosts.  Some people don’t understand how I can believe in one and not the other. Continue reading “Ghosts vs. Life on Other Planets”