Tell me I did NOT Hear that!

You know, overall I know I am many things: Loud, sometimes obnoxious (in a good way) energetic, cold & callous. reasonably intelligent, kinda funny, a pain in the rear and a cyclist. I think we can all describe ourselves in many ways.

One thing, though, I’ve kinda prided myself on is my tolerance. It takes a lot to get me fired up. Last night though, listening to the radio it happened! Continue reading “Tell me I did NOT Hear that!”

Parents know best!

AS much as I hate to admit it, real life just gets in the way of riding the bike sometimes. This week I am training at the office closer to my house. Normally this is not a bad thing, as its only 5 miles from the house. This means I usually bike it round trip.

However, today, it wasn’t an option. The person I am teaching doesn’t start till 9, and I have to take the manchild home after work. Add to it the stack of stuff I had to haul for this class and it adds up to having to drive (at least today).

The one advantage, I listened to the radio this morning on the way. It allowed me to hear that the rescue of the family stuck on the sailboat off the coast of Mexico was a success. But then the news told me something that made me mad. Continue reading “Parents know best!”


OK, I do NOT want to be a spoiler.  So, right here and right now, if you are NOT caught up on the Walking Dead, including last night’s (3/16/14) episode.  Then you do NOT want to read this post yet…

For those of you who are thinking, “I don’t watch that show, so why would I want to read this?”  I might say give it a chance anyway.  I have a few friends (very few, one of em prefers chick books to zombies) that will NOT watch this.  I’ve heard a few of them say, “Why do I want to watch a show where all they do is kill zombies?”

Well I am here to tell you that last night, as well as most of the episodes we’ve had since the mid-season break has shown it isn’t just a zombie show, last night in particular demonstrated this. Continue reading “Wow”

Ghosts vs. Life on Other Planets

One thing readers of this blog may not know is I graduated from WSU to be a science teacher.  Throughout Jr. and Sr. High School as well as college  I took every science class I could.  Biology, Physics, Marine Biology, Geology, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry and  Forestry.   I enjoyed each and every one of these, and from time to time, the things I learned have come in handy.

I never did become a high school teacher, but the math and science I learned helped me a lot when I was investigating auto accidents and evaluating injuries at the Mighty P.  In my humble opinion, math and science are the two most important things a kid can learn.  Not just for the subject itself, but it trains them to think.

This is why I question everything and take nothing on faith.  My rule is “If I haven’t seen it, or it isn’t logical or make sense, then I doubt it.”  So personally to me, this means I believe there is life on other planets, but I do NOT in any way believe in ghosts.  Some people don’t understand how I can believe in one and not the other. Continue reading “Ghosts vs. Life on Other Planets”

Nope its not fair

You know, I have thought this many times over the years.  But it struck me again today during my morning bike commute.  It is much easier being a guy.  My wife and I have a joke.  After a trip to Aveda for product, she will point at her hair and say “THIS takes work!”  And I will point at what’s left of mine and say “THIS takes PERT plus!” 

I want to make sure I give her props though.  The woman doesn’t need nor use makeup.  She is gorgeous in the morning, and we have both woken up and gone straight to Starbucks, with baseball caps on.  I have known many ladies (coworkers, friends, and wives of friends) who say they would NEVER leave the house without their “face”.  So I know I am a lucky man for MANY reasons.

However, this isn’t what I mean by easier. Continue reading “Nope its not fair”

If only….

Ok, Ok.  By now the frequent readers of this site are tired of hearing about my stolen bike.  I get it.  Its been over a week, I have a new bike, time to move on pal, suck it up butter cup!  There’s real tragedy out there.

Yep I agree, so you will all be happy to know, that barring finding the bike, this will be the last post on the old bike.  Time to put it to bed.  So I’ve decided to have some fun with this.  My buddy Rob asked me a question that got me pondering.  “What will I do if I find the dirt bag that has my bike??” Continue reading “If only….”

So Which is it?

Throughout most of my adult life I have heard many people say “Things happen for a reason.”  These people (and at least in my experience most of them are ladies I have met) feel that whatever happens, good, bad or indifferent, there is some plan.

For example:  I got laid off last year, but then I landed the perfect job!  Things happen for a reason.  I overslept, and missed the ferry, but then I heard it had mechanical failure and was stuck in the sound for hours.  Things happen for a reason.

For some reason, and I don’t know what it is.  This bugs the heck out me.  I am in the opposite camp.  In my belief, stuff (or another word that starts with an S) happens, and we choose how to react. I got laid off?  Well then I am going to start working my ass off to apply to anything that sounds good.  HEY, I got a great job.  Because I busted my ass to find it.  No one GAVE it to me.

I was turned around 4 times trying to climb Rainier?  I started riding bikes and met everyone of my goals since then, cuz my body functions GREAT below 12000 ft.  Being turned around didn’t happen for a reason, it happened due to genetics.  I coulda become a couch potato, but nope!  I looked for and found another way to stay in shape.  Stuff happened and I chose what to do about.

I guess that’s the thing that bugs me about “Things happen for a reason.”  If it’s all preordained, if there is some plan , then why should I stress and try so hard.  Whether I work hard or not, if the plan is that I get laid off, then it wouldn’t make a difference.  I do not like not having any control.

In my humble opinion, its our choices and dumb luck that control what happens to us.

Did he say luck?

Yeppers!  I firmly believe there is good and bad luck in the world.  I have made it to work, been at my desk, and found out that there was a HUGE wreck somewhere.   The freeway is basically closed.  Yep I got lucky.  My wife and I took a seaplane to Dry Tortuga off of Key West.  We landed and the sea rudders broke we couldn’t dock.  Bad luck.  Win lotto, good luck, flat tire, bad luck.

You can increase your luck, say to get a job, by doing research, having great references, and excellent reputation.  But it still comes down to being that one person more qualified than someone else AND hitting it off with the people doing the interview.  There is always that intangible, the thing that can happen to either make or ruin your plans.  This is luck.

10 years or so ago was a country and western song.  it may or may not have been called “Jesus take the Wheel”.  Long and short of it, this girl was driving, hit ice, lost control and let go of the wheel and yelled “Jesus tale the wheel!”  I am telling you every time this came on the radio I yelled at the station in my car.  I am NOT denigrating anyone’s beliefs.  What made me mad was thinking.  Crap, what happens if this happens to someone on the some road I am on, and they throw their hands up like that!  999 out of a 1000, they are going to crash and burn, and they could take me too!  If it does work, it is flat dumb luck!

Why do I bring this up.  Because it illustrates my point perfectly.  If I am in a spin in a car, I want to have my hands on the wheel, doing everything I can to regain control.  I am not going to leave it up to chance.

Long and short of it, if more people in the world owned up to the fact that it’s the choices in life that we make that has made us what we are and will continue to do so in the future.  It’s not the math teacher who “hated you”  the girlfriend who dumped you, or the school bully who was mean to you.  It’s what you did after these things happened that mattered.  If plan A doesn’t work, whats your B,C, D…

But I am curious, of those who read this.  What do you think.  Does it happen for a reason?  Or does stuff happen and we react from there?





Is it Rude or Not?

A few days ago one of my wife’s best friends from college put a post on Facebook.  She was told by a mutual friend of her’s that she should stop talking about her workouts in front of another weight challenged friend of their’s.

Now a little background on our friend.  She herself had weight issues.  Last year she started weight watchers and working out regularly.  She has done a helluva job, looks amazing, and has toned up and lost weight.  She looks amazing.

Her post was asking for the proper etiquette when it comes to talking about working out, about weight loss, and posting these on Facebook.  She felt terrible that she may be offending or hurting someone with her comments.  People were thinking that she was bragging and rubbing it in.  I can guarantee this is not the case.  She is excited about her success and happy to talk about it anytime anyone asks.  I am happy to report all her friends supported her completely!

I mention this because its something I do as well.  If someone asks me what I did last weekend, I am excited to tell them I rode a Century ride.  Even though I have done many of these, I still consider each one I complete an accomplishment.  I am not bragging, not saying “I can do it and you can’t, you suck!”  I’m simply excited, and I want to share my excitement with others.  I have never had anyone seem unhappy or offended when I’ve shared my accomplishments.  Some think I am nuts, (ok many think I am nuts) but I hope I’ve never hurt anyones feelings

Conversely, I love hearing about other people’s accomplishments.  A buddy of mine rode 15 miles with his family to raise money for diabetes.  The man never rides a bike!  I think he’s a stud for doing so!  His 15 is my century!  The lady who sits next to me at work is an artist.  She has a big show coming up.  Hell I know nothing about art, but I am damn excited for her!  She wasn’t bragging, she was sharing.

Two friends of mine have published books.  One has 2 children’s books she has written and illustrated herself, with another on the way.  The other has a young adult novel published and is working on the sequel while blogging regularly.  Both are impressive as hell, and I want them to keep me posted on what they do.  I could only wish to so much.

Why am I writing this?  Well her Facebook post got me thinking about me and what I do.  I post on Facebook before, during and after every ride.  Why?  One reason is because my mom worries every time I ride, so I want her to know I am safe!   The main reason though, is friends like to know what friends are doing.  I also dearly LOVE getting the encouraging texts and responses to my posts!  When I was starting to wonder if I was going to make it in my one day STP quest, the texts from My wife, mom, Belinda, Teri and many many others kicked my butt in gear and helped me make it!

At work we have Yammer (picture a work based Facebook).  To encourage work/life balance, work wants us to share our accomplishments.  It helps build a team!  So every big ride I post what I did.

Finally, my Blog.  The title tells people I have pedaled 10000 miles!  Why did I choose that name?  Well, I wanted those who read my posts to know that I am not new at this game.  It takes a lot of rides to get to that many miles, hence the rest of the title, Experiences, Adventures and Thoughts, I’ve had lots of those.  I am constantly posting about rides, workouts and accomplishments I’ve had.  Each post is shared on Facebook.  Is this being rude or insensitive?

I guess the reason I wanted to write this post was to clear the air.  Why do I Blog, Yammer, Facebook and tell people in person about my rides?  I am seriously hoping that I can inspire at least a few people to start riding.  If I can get people who don’t normally ride out on a bike, and they start to enjoy it, they will become healthier.  If I can get some one who does ride, but only locally, to ride the Oregon Coast they will see things they have never seen before.

Mighty Manda and Auburn Liz are riding the STP this summer.  When they cross the finish line, I will feel like a proud papa!  I have watched, and encouraged them all year.  I am VERY proud of them!

This is why I share what I share.  And why I will continue to do so.  It is not to brag.  Not to be mean.  Sure as heck not to be rude.  Its to try to inspire others to get outside, enjoy life, and share some of the experiences I have had!

Ride like the wind people, and I thank you for reading my posts!  Yall make blogging fun!

Don’t Let the Bastards Win

I remember when I was a kid, and the US boycotted the Olympics.  My dad was PISSED!  He looked at me more than once that year and said “Never let the bastards win!  There is always someone in the world who’s going to hurt people, or do something bad.  If you let them scare you and keep you from doing what you would normally do, then they win!”

I thought about that a lot today.  The bastards did something that was pure  evil today.  And for the record, I hope they hunt them down and hang em high!  Preferably on TV for everyone to see!

But that’s not the point of my post today.  My point is simply this: None of the people who were hurt or killed today want you to give these bastards any satisfaction at all!.   Do NOT let them disrupt your lives!  Hell if I was in Boston, I’d be walking downtown just to spit in their faces.  Yall are NOT going to coop me up.

I am 3000 miles away though, so in my case I decided:  “To hell with the people who did this!” I could either sit and watch news people interview each other and flat make stuff up, or I could go on with my life.  I chose plan B.  It was too wet to ride outside, so I hit the shed for 16 miles of hard pedaling, while watching Keanu Reaves in the Replacements!  That movie ALWAYS makes me pedal hard, and I was able to release frustration!

I am not telling anyone to forget or move on from what happened today.  Quite the contrary, we all need to keep an eye out to keep this from happening again!   However, if we stop doing what we love out of concern, or fear, or hatred or anything else, then we let the bastards win!  A month after 9/11 I was on a plane, why, because I was damned if I was going to let them stop me.  I have been in the air on 9/11s since then, again, if I don’t they win!

If you are a biker, ride and ride well, writer?  Get out pen and paper and capture your thoughts.  A baker? Time to spoil the people at work.  For the lova gawd, if you are a runner, get your shoes laced and hit the treadmill or the road. Instead of going glossy eyed in front of a TV, or avoiding the things you love, do them so your support for the runners who were affected by this.  I will lay you odds if we got the chance to ask them they would agree whole heartedly!

They would want you to follow your passions just like they were doing today, and I will guarantee, they sure as hell would tell you “DON’T let the bastards win!!”

A Runners Reaction to the Boston Tragedy

At one time I was a runner, but my legs decided my running days were over a few years ago. However, my buddy Mark has been an avid runner his entire life. Today’s events in Boston hit him hard, and he put together a post on Facebook that is better than I could ever do. I shared it on my page, and I am sharing it here as well! Well said pal!

I have been a runner for most of my life. Part of this has to do with the feeling you get at the finish, the collective energy shared among friends and strangers that have accomplished something good, and all the hard work you have put into it, all those road miles, those hours on the treadmill and eliptical have paid .off. There is a special spirit associated with this that has now been violated by some chickenshit person or group. when are we as a planet ever going to figure this out. How come we can’t figure it out, that violence is exponential in its ramifications and that the viscous circle of hate and killing never solves anything. Has this ever worked? absolutely not. i pray for all those who have been hurt or killed today. Life is short, focus on whats positive and good, don’t let obstacles that have no value prevent you from living your life .