Tony’s Bicycle Theory

A few days ago, I saw a post on Facebook. It was an article written by some dude I have never heard of and it was quoting his “Bicycle Theory” I was hoping to be able to read it later, but alas, it was lost into the wilds of Facebook history

It was one of those things, though that stuck with me. I have been trying to figure out what Tony’s Bicycle Theory would be… Continue reading “Tony’s Bicycle Theory”

Yep he seriously said it!

OK, in the years since has been around, I have tried not expound on my on beliefs too much when it comes to religion or politics. I will pick on the UW Huskies any chance I get, call out stupid car drivers and bike riders, and tell stories of those who annoy me.

So, even though I am going to go off the Gawd of Right Wing Talk show hosts, his royal highness the Prince of Pomposity, Rush Limbaugh, I am not doing it for political reasons, I am doing so because the man said something even more ridiculous that normal (and for him that is an accomplishment! (OK a dig there I admit))

The man said someone was too old to ride a bike!

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Are they sure about that?

Sometimes you skim through Facebook and come across a post that just makes you smile.  The trouble is, occasionally  you are just not sure exactly sure why you are smiling so much.  There is something in it that just appeals to you.  But you aren’t exactly sure what it is until you read it 5 times.

This happened to me when I clicked on the link to this article talking about bikes being a “fountain of youth” on my buddy  Joe’s page. Continue reading “Are they sure about that?”

Just gotta be tougher than the ride

Had myself a bit of a giggle this evening when I was out and about with the Manchild for dinner. Tonight, for something different, we went to Rock Woodfired Pizza.  I like the place because it has great pizza, music videos from the 80s (Joan Jett’s I Love Rock and Roll baby!) and really good service.

Manchild likes it for the music and the food, and because normally we get really cute servers who are close to his age.  Sadly, for him, today’s server was Michael. Continue reading “Just gotta be tougher than the ride”

Its just a matter of time.

You know, there are some people in this world who think I am fearless.  Over the years I have done many things others wouldn’t even think of.  I’ve climbed mountains, gone bungee jumping, ridden 200 miles in a day and gone sky diving.

sky divingNo challenge over the years has seem to be too big, nor has my fear kept me from trying new things.  I can’t say I’ve never been scared, but I never let fear stop me.

Flying in 7

But ladies and gents, there are 2 things that scare the hell out of me. Continue reading “Its just a matter of time.”

Go for it!

I was in a work luncheon recently.  (Long ago, I won an award for excellence (yes I know shocking!) at work.)  Luckily for me, even though I work for an insurance company, which one would assume is stodgy and boring, I like the mucky mucks that run the place.  Everyone is on a first name basis, and they are fun to sit and talk with.

I was lucky enough to share a table with Steve (famous for once referring to me as the fastest clutch in claims) and we started talking about kids.  He has one son who currently holds two jobs.  In the summer he guides rafts down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  In the winter, he works ski patrol.

I just sat there and thought “That lucky bastard”.

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