The Trip Home

Last week we spent the week in Texas for our niece Abby’s wedding. You know how much we love her.

Which is why we went to the Texas heat in June. Later this week will be posts about the trip and the wedding, but this one is about getting home yesterday.  It was an adventure…. Continue reading “The Trip Home”

Passing on a request from a friend!

Folks, I’ve heard some say you don’t make real friends on Facebook.  I call BS on that, as I have done just that many time!  Once such person is my buddy Joe Kurmaskie (who is also one helluva a cycling author check out his Metal Cowboy page).  Joe has made a self admitted shameless plug for unused or unneeded airline vouchers/miles.


I have seen this man, time and time again, give his time, energy and money to others in need. Plus, his 4 kids are the luckiest boys to have this man as a dad.  Between him and his wife Beth who teaches at an inner city Portland school, these two are truly amazing people.  So please read his heartfelt and truly entertaining request below!  If you can help, give him a shout!  (I want to be clear here, he did NOT ask for me to use the blog to help, I am doing so because I think he in an incredible human being, and his books have given me hours of pleasure!)

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