An interesting trip!

Well, once again I will be traveling to and teaching in Spokane for a month…  This will put a damper on the bike miles.  However, in the effort to keep the legs from turning to mush, I am signing up for spin classes.  I keep being told I have no idea what I am getting myself into, but we will soon see, and I will share my misadventures!

Being the smart trainer that I am, I went over yesterday for a quick round trip.  It let me check out the new office and new training rooms.  The flight over was uneventful, but coming back was interesting. Continue reading “An interesting trip!”

Plan C

Ladies and gents, I will fully admit something.  I am NOT planner.  My wife Michelle loves me to pieces, but the fact that I do not look to the future does drive her nuts..

Howcver, went life tanks, and something needs to happen right now, Mountainstroh shines!  I am one of the best at coming up with the “What the hell do we do now?” scenario!

Today, as we started on our vacation was one of those days! Continue reading “Plan C”