You never know who you are sitting next to!

So today, once again I had to fly to Spokane.  This is the last run for this class, it’s only for 3 days, and I will be home Wednesday night.  Still sucks, I feel MUCH better than I have been, almost healthy.  But Michelle is still a hurtin camper and I never like being gone when she feels bad.

Add to it, Sunday, the day I flew out, is also the night for Walking dead.  Last week, I chose a hotel that had the AMC network, but the morning breakfasts sucked.  I survived, but I just couldn’t do that to myself again.  (For the Record stay away from the Holiday Inn Express in Spokane Valley.) This time, I decided I would choose the Oxford Suites, a MUCH nicer place, and less expensive, and I would just skip the Walking Dead for the first time since it started 4 years ago.  I was less than happy, but I would catch up on On-Demand. imageThe decision didn’t make me happy, but I didn’t have another plan.  That is until I sat next to an older lady on the plane. Continue reading “You never know who you are sitting next to!”