A true Artist!

Hi all!

I know its been a while since my last post. As we know life gets busy!

But I wanted to sneak on for a quick shout out to a good friend and amazing artist: Renee Hazen!

Renee and I worked closely together for years at the mighty P. As I trained people in person, she used her creative talents to make sure to fully enjoy my classes. She developed all the online training which rescued them from me blathering on and on…

Last summer, Renee took a leap. She left corporate America, and went on her own to embrace her art, which aside from her hubby and son, is her one true love!

She has her site open! Renee Hazen Designs

In addition to her children’s books (I own them all!) which are amazing, she has developed a line of animal pillows. each one has an original piece of Renee art! There all also animal cards for that personal note to a love one!

Would you like a sneak peek? Sure you would!!

My cycling buddy Rob has a 22 year daughter that we love to death. I got her the giraffe pillow for Christmas and she loved it! Not only was the art amazing, but the pillow was soft and comfy! Rumor has it it made “Squeeeeeeee!”

So, for baby showers, Valentines day, or you just love owls, check out her page! And if that is not enough, just think: Anything you purchase helps supports a women with a genuinely amazing heart, continue her escape from cubicle hell!

I am damn proud of her!

Shop like the wind!!


Tourist in our own town!

Well the 4th of July is upon us! Independence Day! This year, though, it of course falls on a Tuesday. We love the day off from work, but sadly both Michelle and I had to work the Monday before and again tomorrow. This means we couldn’t get the heck out of dodge for the holiday. So it was time for a different plan… Continue reading “Tourist in our own town!”

Wildlife watching on two wheels!

Anyone who watch the Seahawk – Saints game yesterday (GO HAWKS!) (And might I say my old heart can’t take games like that!) you saw what kind of weather we were having this weekend.  It was raining sideways, the wind was whipping, it was ugly.  In short, it was NOT bike riding weather.  I was hunkered down watching the game, and doing a LOT of pacing.

I wasn’t too disappointed as I had ridden or worked out every day this week, and had a good weigh in.  So a day off on the couch with a sick wife was called for.

Today, I was up and running errands, Michelle was better, but not full guns yet.  So it was another resting day for her.  Long about 1030, when I was done, she asked if it was raining.  Surprisingly, there was no rain and the wind had died.  She looked at me as asked “And you aren’t riding why?”

By 11, I was rolling downhill heading for the Burke Gilman, trail enjoying the fresh air!  Turns out I wasn’t the only one doing so.

One of the wild chickens (ok roosters) of Woodinville
One of the wild chickens (ok roosters) of Woodinville

Continue reading “Wildlife watching on two wheels!”