Sometimes the Hubby has a Good Idea

Ladies and gents, I do my best. But lord knows, NO husband is perfect. Being guys, we are adept at saying, wearing or doing the wrong thing at a moments notice. Case in point, the time I wore cargo shorts, a tshirt and a Cougar Baseball cap to a pretty high classed wine tasting thing at the Barking Frog. When we were almost there, I noticed Michelle had dressed up. I checked out my shorts, sandals and tshirt and asked “Should I have put on something nice for this?” She just patted my arm and smiled.

In fact, today, our friend Mary told her she was a saint and would go straight to heaven as my wife. Lord knows it aint easy!

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Hi My Name is Tony and I was a Grump

OK, looking back over the last couple of posts, it appears that our friendly neighborhood Mountainstroh has NOT been his normal chipper self.  Hell, it almost seems like he’s been downright grouchy.

Well its true, dentists, car issues, feeling old, and missing some workouts all combined to make me a bit of a grump.  Michelle never likes seeing me be anything less than happy.  She has done her level best to cheer me up, and she does wonders that way!

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Jingling through town

Y’all have heard me talk about it quite a bit over the last fees weeks and months, well today was finally the day.  The Arthritis Foundation‘s Seattle Jingle Run and Walk!  As usual, the main topic of conversation leading up to today was the weather.  December is NOT our best weather month of the year.  In the past, we have had monsoon rains, snow, wind, and anything else you can think of.

This year was cold!  Here in Seattle, we usually end up in the 40’s at night and maybe 50 during the day.  Then, in a cold snap, we’ll get down to the lower 30s or even (GASP!) upper 20s at night, and get to the 40s in the day.

This week we have been in the teens!  It NEVER gets that cold here.  I even stopped wearing sandals to Starbucks a day or two.  It was that cold.  Last night was no different.  In fact, some places hit single digits.  UGH.  Time to break out the layers.

Michelle and I had a helluva time waking up, but we sucked it up and headed and got our of bed!

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