Maybe it wasn’t my best idea…

Well folks, we’ve all heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Given that, it truly was with the best of intentions that I planned the outing today for Michelle and I. She has told me for the last couple of years that she wanted to go hiking, So, with a 4 day weekend coming here (we took today off from work!) I picked a trail for us to go…. Continue reading “Maybe it wasn’t my best idea…”

I had to give it all I had to keep up with her!

There was a time, way back in the way back days (ok maybe 10 years ago or so, I was a runner.  I did 5, 10, and 12Ks on a regular basis, and once (ONLY once) I ran a half marathon (13.1 miles)

I ran well enough to complete my one and only Half a thon, 13.1 miles in just over 2 hours!
I ran well enough to complete my one and only Half a thon, 13.1 miles in just over 2 hours!

A week after this picture was taken I had a hernia operation and never got bad into running shape.  Today proved that to me a bit! Continue reading “I had to give it all I had to keep up with her!”

Giving it all you got!

Ok, I ampretty darn sure every one of y’all reading this has been sick a time or two over the years.  A cold, flu, chicken pox, strep throat or at least an ear ache once or twice.  In may cases, we benefit from the miracle of modern science, and years of research that have gone into the medications that we take to feel better and to be cured.

Some of you, including my wife Michelle have more serious and chronic issues.  Arthritis, auto immune issues, cancers, and many others that have a direct effect on the quality of your lives.  Though there are no cures yet for any of these, research goes on, and treatments are developed.  Someday, there will be cures.

So each of us benefits from science and research, but how many of us have the chance to participate in the cause and help move it along?  Well, on Wednesday, Michelle was able to just that! Continue reading “Giving it all you got!”

Herding Cats!

You know, there are some things that you just don’t understand until you end up in the right place at the right time.  Or is it the wrong place at the right time?

What I am talking about is all the effort that goes into an organized event.  I have been doing Runs/Walks/Stair climbs/Bike rides for over a decade.  For me its been easy.  I sign up on-line, (OK I admit my first was a mail in app from the newspaper, with a check (yep old school)) usually have my number mailed to me. I show up early, complete the event, and only then, do I put on the souvenir t-shirt.

I try to park far away, which makes getting home easier.  Yep for me its been easy….

Then I met these people


This is the Seattle Jingle Bell Run/Walk committee, and the event is Sunday… Continue reading “Herding Cats!”

The Proudest Hubby Ever!

I first published this in September.  But I have gotten a number of new followers since then.  The run is right around the corner, so I thought I’d republish!  If you already donated, THANK YOU!  But if anyone has the urge to toss a few bucks for a good cause, it would be appreciated.  Michelle continues to impress me EVERY day,  Love you Babe!

My gorgeous wife Michelle gets mentioned a lot in this Blog, it’s because, except when I am on the bike, we are pretty much attached at the hip!  The good news is it’s because we like it that way.  We make each other smile and laugh, cheer each other up when we are down.  Support each other in our endeavors, and reassure each other when we doubt ourselves.

And yep, every chance a get I sneak peaks and check her out!  She is 6 weeks older than I am (yep I married an older woman) but she looks 10 years younger than me.  She is also an excellent mum to our kids (they love her), a great daughter, a loving auntie, and an excellent friend.  The woman really is amazing.

Any one of these would be enough for me to be proud of her.  But today, she topped them all. Continue reading “The Proudest Hubby Ever!”

Nuthin Stops Her

Folks I have a bad habit. 

OK, to be truthful, I am sure I have a LOT more than just one bad habit. 

But this habit I am discussing involves working out.  When I find something I like, say cycling, I missilelock on it and do nothing BUT that for a work out.

When I was climbing mountains, I would hike every weekend.  Then, a couple times a week, I would get to Seattle early, strap on the backpack and go up and down a set of stairs (298 steps one way) up to ten times.

When I was a runner, I would run, and only run, occasionally throwing in a session at the stairs. 

See the pattern?  As a cyclist, whether inside or on the road, all I do is pedal. 

Today I mixed things up a bit, and I can feel it….  Continue reading “Nuthin Stops Her”

Its been a good week!

Ya know, I don’t normally do posts like this, but I was sitting here, drinking some Powerade, and thinking, this has been a pretty damn good week.  I’ve already posted about the Century ride on Sunday.  I consider that a complete success for many reasons!  Not the least of which was the free piece of apply pie afterwards!  Mmmmmmm  love apple pie!

An apple pie made from scratch, showing both t...
An apple pie made from scratch, showing both the crust and the filling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now in the past, I have given myself a few days off after a hard century.  However, I firmly believe I am in better shape at this point in the year, than any other year I have been cycling.  So, since I am on the bike commute team at work (this is Bicycle commuter month in Washington state) I decided ta hell with a break!   I commuted home Monday, to work Wednesday and did a round trip yesterday.  Add it all up, that’s 168 miles since I woke up Sunday.  The best part was I felt GREAT during the ride home yesterday.  No pain!  The training rides are finally paying off.


Now I did pull one bonehead move.  I sent my backpack with my iPad home with my wife today.  I didn’t need the iPad, but I DID need the sunglasses that were in the bag!  CRAP!!  Well, as I always say, in the event of an emergency, hit up REI.  I got the “cheapest” pair they had, which aint that cheap.  These will reside in my desk at work from now in just in case of brain farts in the future.


The weather has been GREAT! Blue sky, no head winds, not too cold in the morning, the perfect early May bike weather in the Northwest.


Now lets add some family items.  The manchild (as we affectionately call the 15 year old) has pulled all of his grades out of the basement.  He even has a B in AP human geography!  Unheard of!!  We also went to Lunchbox Laboratory Sunday after the ride, and had HUGE burgers!  Damn those were good!  Maybe it is a good thing I haven’t sold him on Craigslists.  (but lord I have considered it!)


And my gorgeous wife has been named the adult honoree for the Arthritis Foundation Seattle Jingle Bell Run in December.   This is a huge honor, and is a reflection of the woman’s huge heart and perseverance. She is a tougher person than I will ever be, and I am lucky to be her husband!


I’ve also rejoined Toastmasters, and yesterday was my first speech!  I based it on my post “A Question I have Never Been Asked Before”  and I received rave reviews.  Some even said I inspired them to make some changes in the way they perceive themselves!  Made me feel VERY good.


Toastmasters International
Toastmasters International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, Michelle and I fly out this afternoon for a weekend away.  We are going to the Wine capital of the Northwest, Walla Walla.  Neither of us has been there before.  We’ve rented a one bedroom house, and we plan to hit up  some Wineries, I am going to get a National Park stamp, and we are going to have some good food.  Just the two of us, no kids, work or anyone else!


I am not sure if I will be able to post before Sunday night, but I will make sure to take a lot of pictures and fill everyone in then.


I hope y’all had a good week as well, it was nice working today and realizing “Hell, I am in a pretty damn good mood!”  Here’s hoping this weekend and next week is the same!