The GoPro and 2017

Folks, there truly are such things as first world problems.  You know the ones: Internet is down so you can’t read my blog posts (which I am sure is your favorite!). The Starbucks App won’t pre-order so you actually have to stand in line, or the iPad dies just as you get to the best part of a book on the Kindle app…

For 2017, my recurring 1st world problem as revolved around the GoPro… Continue reading “The GoPro and 2017”

Tired of this election cycle!

The Mountainstroh blog is almost 4 years old. In that time, I have done only 2 posts that I consider political. Both of them involved a representative from my state (Washington) who believed that cyclists pollute the environment due to the CO2 they exhale when they ride. The harder we ride, the harder we breathe and the more we pollute…  (Dumbass!)

I made the decision NOT to use the power of my blog (Yes you may giggle) for this election. Rest easy, I am sticking to that plan…. Continue reading “Tired of this election cycle!”

Shifting to fall riding mode

For all of you Game of Thrones fans out there, this will ring true: Winter is coming! However, before we have to worry about that, we first have to go through Autumn.

There are sure signs that we are in the middle of the Fall season.  Pumpkin Spice lattes are all the rage at coffee stands.  (We won’t discuss those EVIL ones that are already advertising egg nog!) (By the way I hates pumpkin anything)  The Walking Dead new season has started, FINALLY!  (Damn the premiere was good!) And, much to the relief of this bike riding cowboy, the sweltering heat of the last summer is over!

However, with the change in seasons, comes a change in riding…. Continue reading “Shifting to fall riding mode”

Wow it got dark quick!

There is a rule I try to stick to this time of year:  If the weather cooperates, get your butt outside on the bike.  There will soon be days on end where it will be entirely too miserable to ride and I will be stuck in the shed on the rollers.  Well yesterday, the weather gods predicted no rain in the afternoon, so I decided to start my 8th month of cycle commuting!

I am not sure if it was the fact I was out of practice or that it was the first real day standard time, but yesterday’s ride was just plain different!

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