OK, in general I am lucky and happy guy.  I get to wake up next to a gorgeous wife who loves me.  I like my job and people I work with, and I get to have a lot of fun. Plus we have two great kids.  So all in all, I shouldn’t complain.

However, it was not a good day in Strohville.  So I am grouchy.  Now there were some good parts, Michelle was all over the smiling and telling me she loved me throughout the day.  I got to spend the evening with the Manchild, and we went to my mom’s for a great dinner (Home made chili mac and brownies for dessert!  YUM!)  So again I shouldn’t complain.

But, today wasn’t a great day for Mountainstroh. Continue reading “Grouchy”

Majorly Grouchy

People who have to put up with me on a daily basis have informed me that I can be annoying.  Now to be fair, I am told this for a variety of reasons.  Actually too many to list here.  But in this case, it’s because I am a morning person.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sleeping in.  My wife and I have it set so the radio turns on to NPR an hour before we have to wake up.  That starts our extra snug time, one or both of us might fall back asleep during this time, but wrapping arms around her for that time makes the day better.

Once we are up and at work, though,  I have been known to be WIDE awake.  Whistling, saying “GOOD MORNING!!” and trying to get the rest of the world up and moving.  I am known for being in a good mood. There are many out there that HATE good moods before 8 AM.


Today, I was NOT a happy, man, I was GROUCHY! Continue reading “Majorly Grouchy”