Struck out!

When I was a kid, every now and then the folks would pack up the whole family and we’d head for the swap meet.  For those of you who have never seen one, picture a huge-assed garage sail set up at a drive in movie theater.  (Of course there may be some of you that have never been to or seen a drive in either.)

Earlier in my alleged adulthood, I would do the same, and roam the aisles since “You never know what you might need!”  Luckily, I outgrew this, and Michelle and I don’t see the need to buy someone else’s crap.  So we avoid swap meets, flea markets and yard sales.  Well, except for one.  The annual Cascade Bike Club Swap Meet!  Which just happened to be today! Continue reading “Struck out!”

Other peoples Stuff!

Michelle and I do NOT go to garage sales. I don’t know about your area, but around here, I swear garage sales breed like bunnies as soon as there is a non rainy weekend.  There are signs everywhere. Moving Sale, Yard Sale, Garage Sale, and any other thing you can think of.  Hell you’d think the entire neighborhood was for sale at times.

I always point out the signs and say “LOOK Hunny!!  A garage sale!  Let’s good!”  She giggles and says “We don’t need other people’s stuff! (she doesn’t use the word stuff.) We have enough stuff of our own (once again, she doesn’t use the work stuff)”

I agree completely by the way.  Especially nowadays, with craigslist, there is no reason to roam the world looking for the one thing I was hoping to find.  This means we don’t go to swap meets either.  One giant garage sale….  UGH.

Today, though was the one exception to the rule…. Continue reading “Other peoples Stuff!”