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What I’ve learned in the first week…

A week ago, Michelle and I woke up for the first time as owners of a house in Lincoln city, Oregon. We had three amazing friends here ready to help, boxes everywhere, and a ton of stuff to do! A … Continue reading

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After Work in Lincoln City!

So, as we all now know, Mountainstroh and Mrs. Mountainstroh have moved out of the Puget Sound area of Washington. Last Saturday, we pointed our noses to the Southwest and arrived at Lincoln City. Since then, we have been going … Continue reading

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Oregon Coast 2017 continues

Michelle and I have  talked a time or two about this trip. Had we ended up at San Francisco and Napa as planned, it would have been MUCH less relaxing. There are so many things to see, that I would … Continue reading

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Resting(?) at the beach after the 100 mile ride!

There are a LOT of options for me during the year to ride century rides. Quite often I choose the ones I do for the ending spot. It works even better when we can combine the end of the ride … Continue reading

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The Last Century Ride of 2017

Since the beginning of Mountainstroh the cyclist, I have had the opportunity to ride the Lung Association’s Reach the Beach (from Portland to Pacific City) twice.                   Both times have been fun! … Continue reading

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Cannon Beach 2017 Part IV

How do you know you are relaxing more and more on a vacation? It’s when you wake up later and later. No lie, I have been seriously lazy this week, but it just feels SO damn good to sleep in. … Continue reading

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A run to the ocean

Ever look around and realize DAMN! the year is half over and HOLY CRAP! it’s already August! I’d been saying all year that the MC (previously known as the Manchild) and I needed to go somewhere just the two of … Continue reading

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The things you can see at the ocean!

I am sure there are some who can come to the ocean and treat it just like they were at home.  They sit inside, they watch TV, they play video games and never really look around to see all there … Continue reading

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Real Beaches

Well folks, I will tell you right now, this post has nothing to do with cycling.  Once again, a post on Facebook inspires me to share.  This one discusses the differences in Seattleites and the rest of the world.  And … Continue reading

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Coming Home from Plan C

Yes folks, the last day dawned this morning, and Michelle and I had to pack up and load the car. We had a log drive ahead of us, so we actually set an alarm for the first time in a … Continue reading

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