Racking up the Miles: August 2014

it is really hard to believe we are in September!  But sure enough, last night it was dark by 8:30, tomorrow they are calling for some rain.  The tomatoes are ripening, the firewood will be delivered tomorrow and it just feels more refreshing out there!

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It aint cold!

Anyone who’s read the blog lately knows its been cold up here in Seattle.  Teens and 20s cold.  For us, that’s almost as cold as it ever gets around here.  People far and wide are complaining about it.  The good thing is that the sun is shining.  These have been some of the brightest and clearest days of the year.  Though it makes you think you are in the refrigerator and someone left the light on!

Yesterday in Starbucks I heard someone ask a guy if he was cold.  The man had a very interesting reply.  He said, “Cold is only felt by those that just don’t dress for the weather.”  And he’s right.  In the summer, when it’s at its hottest, you can only take of SO much in the way of clothing.  Shoot, there are days you could be walking around stark naked, and you’d still be sweltering!

Cold, you can always put on another layer, or a hat, or warmer gloves or….  And then it hit me.  I was using the cold as an excuse to not ride….   Continue reading “It aint cold!”

Racking up the miles: November 2013

Anyone who remembers last month will remember I was NOT a very happy person at the end of the October.  Between being away from home due to work and being sicker than a dog, my cycling suffered something fierce in October, I barely reached triple digits.  This, combined with fact that I was eating restaurant food for most of the month, was NOT making me happy.

I had concerns whether November would be any better.  Around here, November is one of our worst weather months of the year.  In the past, November has thrown major floods, bad wind storms, and heavy snow

imageAny one of these would hurt my overall miles.  And I was correct, the weather did cause me issues…  Continue reading “Racking up the miles: November 2013”

Wow it got dark quick!

There is a rule I try to stick to this time of year:  If the weather cooperates, get your butt outside on the bike.  There will soon be days on end where it will be entirely too miserable to ride and I will be stuck in the shed on the rollers.  Well yesterday, the weather gods predicted no rain in the afternoon, so I decided to start my 8th month of cycle commuting!

I am not sure if it was the fact I was out of practice or that it was the first real day standard time, but yesterday’s ride was just plain different!

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Racking up the Miles: September 2013

September is always an interesting month in Washington state.  Labor day weekend is sure to be wet.  The first few days of school for the kids are usually hotter than hell.  The rains can come back any time, and the grass has an annoying habit of turning green again, and I have to mow.

This year, September was a bit stranger than most.   Continue reading “Racking up the Miles: September 2013”

Those Damn Cyclists!

I have this friend at work, Jill.  Cute as a button, but she and I disagree on two very important things.  First she is a diehard UW Husky fan.  That in itself is just wrong.  You’d think someone as smart as she is would know better and would route for a real team, the WSU COUGS!  But try as I might, she just won’t come over from the dark side…

The other area we will never agree on is cyclists.  She dislikes them from the bottom of her heart.  She does not believe they belong on the road, and anytime a car lane is given up to make bike lanes (which, as I remind her, gets us out of her way) she gets mad all over again. She likes me as a person and co-worker, but tells me often she is glad my bike commute does NOT get in her way.

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The Energy Boosting Commute

Since April I have regularly commuted home from work on the bike at least 3 times a week.  I am very lucky that my wife and I work at the same place, so we can simply throw the bike on the rack and carpool in, and I bike home when I get off work.  This keeps me from having to wake up at 4 AM and cycle in, which isn’t meant to happen to anyone!

On days I drive, I find, even on those rare days that traffic is good, that the commute leaves me tired.  It is worse on those days that I’ve worked hard all day, and I’m simply just beat before leaving the office.   Continue reading “The Energy Boosting Commute”