Damn I needed that!

OK, we all know how busy things get around the holidays.  Shopping, people coming over, getting ready for people coming over, kids opening presents, visiting Michelle’s mom.  Yep for 2 people who like to keep it quiet and restful, the last month has been go go go!

Then of course my COUGS were in a bowl game.  We had to watch that!  (I still have nightmares of that game) and our Seahawks will be in the playoffs! Gotta watch them too!  I think I can safely say that there has been something going on at least one if not both days of the most recent weekends.

So imagine my surprise when we had a day with nothing we had to do and no where we had to go!  It was time for a ride! image Continue reading “Damn I needed that!”

Old man noises and a frustrating tire

You know, I can’t remember what show it was that I was watching eons ago.  I just remember a guy, who was worried about getting old, and kept saying he was making “old man noises” whenever he moved.  You know, the groans, creaks, moans you make when you are sore?  Well that is me today, Shoulders, back, neck, chest, legs, I am a hurtin camper!  But then, that shows the work out is doing what it should!  But I sound 85 when I stand uo…

To take my mind off it, I decided it was time to work on replacing the back tire of my bike.  A week ago, while riding in the shed, I noticed the rear tire had a bulge!  This made me doubly mad when I realized the tire had barely 1000 miles on it…  I pick up a new one and figured it would only take 5 minutes to change.  I am GREAT at flat tires….

Yeah 5 minutes. Continue reading “Old man noises and a frustrating tire”

A Good Cycling Day

Today was a good day to be on two wheels.  Don’t get me wrong, any day riding outside beast working out in the gym, riding the bike in the shed or being stuck in a car during rush hour.  Not all days are the same though.

There are some days where you just don’t have the eye of the tiger going.  Riding the bike seems more like exercise than enjoyment on these days.  The uphills feel steeper, head winds stronger, and even the downhill portions don’t seem as fast.  Many times there is no rhyme or reason for this kind of ride, it is just one that has to be endured. Continue reading “A Good Cycling Day”

It Aint Over till Its Over…

Folks, stand by, cuz this ride proves that this is true without a doubt!

But, as always, we should start at the beginning. We drug our butts out of bed at 500 AM. It wasn’t easy after two long days in the car. Damned if I didn’t almost leave my water bottles in the fridge! But, in the end, we were on the road at 530, and at the starting line at 615, plenty of time! Michelle then went back to hotel to rest. (Smart woman!) Continue reading “It Aint Over till Its Over…”

Did I make the Cycling Gods Mad Somehow?

Do you ever get the feeling that the cycling gods are conspiring against you for some reason?  I am almost starting to wonder about that this summer.

First off, I was not chosen for the RAMROD. I was seriously bummed, especially a week ago today when that ride I was hoping to be on was happening.  It was the perfect cycling day, not too warm, morning clouds, I would’ve loved it!

The VERY next day, I came outside to find my bike was gone!  Stolen from some dirtbag who blazed into the garage at work, snipped my lock and flew (ever hear the term ride it like you stole it?  He did) out the downstairs entrance of the garage.  If the cycling gods were happy with me, one of the many dump trucks working the local construction site woulda taken him out clean.  Sadly, no dice.

There is never a good time to have a bike stolen.  But this was particularly bad because my plan B ride, the Crater Lake Century is only 3 weeks away.  This meant I had to not only get the bike, but get it adjusted to me and get used to it in time for a hella hard century ride.

However, this ride is worth it.  I am a nature geek, I love national parks, and I am totally looking forward to getting pictures like this:



I have never been to this park before.  The lake was formed when Mt Mazama blew its top eons ago, and the top collapsed into a caldera, that filled with water.  It contains some of the purest water in the world.  No motors are allowed on the water.  From everything I have heard, it is truly a spectacular place to be.  And no better way to see it than on a bike.

And here is why I think the cycling gods are NOT happy with me.  Because here is a daytime photo of the lake from earlier this week



That is NOT darkness, that is smoke!  There are some HUGE forest fires going on in Oregon right now, which is causing the smoke.  The problem is compounded by weather patterns that is holding the smoke at ground level.  Basically its trapped there!

I have wanted to go to this park since hight school, but for some reason it just hasn’t worked out.  This year, it seemed perfect.  I got time off, Michelle and I were going down early to check out the park and the route, and she was going to volunteer on the route during the ride.  It was a perfect plan!

I am not saying it is NOT going to happen.  Lots can happen in 3 weeks.  A good strong breeze can clear things out, and the firefighters we have in the Northwest are the best!  If anyone can do it, they can…

So it’s a wait and see.  My plan is I ride.  Michelle, though, has lungs that can’t handle something like this, so I may be flying solo.

What I need is a way to make offerings to the bike gods?  Do I pour out a bottle of Gatorade in their honor?  Shred an old bike jersey?  Develop a bikers prayer?  I am open to suggestions!  Anyone have any ideas?

Its going to be a nervous 3 weeks….

The Wind Rides Again!

Back in the day, which of course means the college years, the Strohsbros and Fros played each and every intramural sport there was.  Flag football, Softball, Volley Ball, Bowling, Basketball and even inner tube water polo!  When you go to school in a small town, you have to entertain yourself somehow!

Now there were many sports I could NOT play.  For example, the one time I played basketball I shot over the basket and almost fouled out before it was half over.  Truly, a man’s got to know his limitations!

Ahhh, but softball and football now… Those were my games.  I could run the “Pete” play (someday I will explain how it got its name) which is a long bomb to the end zone better than anyone.  And when we yelled snake bite, I could run down any quarterback and sack him!  Running the bases, I could leg out an infield hit, out run a double play, and snag a fly out of the air for an out that would be over other people’s heads easy!  I would tell people I was THE WIND!  (OK, I also had a BAD habit of not waiting long enough to “tag up” so I got out a lot too!) Continue reading “The Wind Rides Again!”

It’s the Simple Things

Hi everyone. Most of you now know that my bike, the source of most of this blog was stolen on Friday. The most important inanimate object in my life is gone.

It’s important to me to clarify it this way. It, without a doubt, sucks-ass to have your bike stolen. This bike and I traveled damned near 13000 miles together. Rain, snow, wind, sun, and even for or hail. There was nothing I could not do, or nowhere I could not get on this bike! Continue reading “It’s the Simple Things”