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An interesting week in the saddle

Folks, I have noticed there has been a distinct lack of bloggage as late.  Part of this is  that I have to feel a post in me for me to type it, and lately there’s been nuthin. Plus, in all … Continue reading

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Well it ended ok….

So I have to tell ya, today was NOT one of my better days.  Work has been tough lately with the project I am on. It has me grouchy enough that Rocky, our cafeteria guy, asked me Tuesday why I … Continue reading

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Serena Williams takes the bike to a match! You’ve gotta love this.  Traffic sucks, Serena has a match, and no way the car will get her there!  The bike saves the day!  It is the ultimate bike commute! 

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http://www.kickstandfurniture.com/ They have office furniture that incorporates a bike trainer!  

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