Lighthouses and Blue Herons

Can you believe we have been at the ocean for over a month?!?! We moved down here March 23rd and here it is May! We still love it. I try to get to the beach at least twice a week, and it has not gotten old yet.

May, of course, is Bike Everywhere month. For the last 4 years, I was the team captain at the Mighty P. We were a sometimes small but always mighty team! This year, though, I abdicated the throne for my friend Sandy! It just seemed to me the captain should be in the office! I was happy to join her team and just be a participant…. Continue reading “Lighthouses and Blue Herons”

Racking Up the Miles: May 2016

Way back in the early days of the 20,000 miles blog (back then it was 10,000 miles (true story)) I did my first racking up the miles post. It was a chance a sit back, reflect on the month, and remember all that had happened on and off the bike.

Since then, with the exception of one month last summer where I flat forgot, I have done “Racking up the Miles” post every month.  Sometimes it seems like a chore, other times its work to fill up even a paragraph.

This month is different, I am HELLA excited to do this post this month! Why? Read on… Continue reading “Racking Up the Miles: May 2016”

Someday maybe I will get used to it.

If I sit there and be completely truthful, there is one thing that my blogging and cycling have in common.  I do them both because I enjoy it. Cycling gets me outside, exercise, and teleports me back to that kid who learned to ride 45 years ago or so (DAMN that is a long time ago!)

Blogging is just fun. I guess I just like to tell stories. I know the blog itself says I have over 450 followers (some maybe robots though) and lotsa people on Facebook read it as well (Thanks Mom!) but, with all that, I do it because I enjoy it, if it ever becomes a chore, I will stop.

But with both cycling and blogging, I am regularly surprised with comments I get in real life…. Continue reading “Someday maybe I will get used to it.”