I might have caught him on the bounce….

My friend Terri and I like to tell a story about the time we babysat her niece and she fell off the bed.  We were sitting there, watching TV (probably the A Team, or MacGyver, or The Scarecrow and Mrs. King (hey it was the 80s)) and the kidlet was sitting between us.

For some reason, we both looked away, and she threw her self backwards off the bed!  I dove for her, but I was too late, and she hit the carpeted floor (she was fine.)  When her mom came home I explained that had she bounced, I woulda caught her! Mom was NOT amused…

I almost had a second chance this weekend…

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The key difference

Sometimes you just don’t know where your mind travels on any given day, or how one conversation will cause a thought to pop into your head. Today on FB I posted this picture from last night’s Seahawk game.


I didn’t see this personally, but given that it was a Thursday night game, with a 5:30 kick off, I could:

1) Believe this was true
2) Believe someone was dumb enough to pay it.

In the discussion I pointed out this is a good example (though extreme) of why I prefer to walk or ride to get places in town.  My friend let me know she does NOT like riding in traffic at all, which is when I had my realization.. Continue reading “The key difference”

The First STP

As you might imagine, most of my focus right now is on the Seattle to Portland.  Here it is Thursday before the big ride, and I am as ready as I will ever be!  This will be my third time riding this ride and the second time going the entire 206 miles in one day.

imageWhen I first did it though, way back in 08, it was only the second BIG ride I’d ever done.  I was thinking about it today and remembering what all happened…. Continue reading “The First STP”

The Day AFTER a big ride

So as anyone who read yesterday’s post knows, I rode a century yesterday that honestly kicked my butt a little and did in fact draw blood.  OK, the blood was from the finger, but it drew it none the less.

A smarter man woulda left the bike at home today.  However, this is one of the weeks I can only ride home 3 days.  Next week, I am working at the office that is only 5 miles away, and the following week I am resting the legs to get ready for the big ride.  I still feel the need for more miles before the STP.  That meant today I rode…. Continue reading “The Day AFTER a big ride”

Couple of minutes can mess up the commute

It is SO nice not to be sick anymore!  And the recovery hit right at the right time, its Friday, the weekend is supposed to be nice for riding and I was able to leave at 3:30!  I was downstairs and changing at 3:25 and ready to roll, and then it hit me…  The sunglasses were upstairs at my desk!  DAMN!  To the elevator! Continue reading “Couple of minutes can mess up the commute”

Things have changed

Today was the first day all week I have been able to get outside for a walk at lunch.  I have been in full on multi task mode since Monday.  I have two people I am training, and on top of it, a timeline was moved up a month on some revamped job aids.  This meant while the “new kids” were doing class exercises I was cranking out deliverables.

This morning I finished the last one.  “YAY! I can escape outside!”  Better yet, Michelle came with me!  Perfect!  Except, the husband that my wife refers to as a mole forgot his sunglasses.  Continue reading “Things have changed”

OK that is just plain mean

Ever think back to when you were new at something? How much you did NOT know, and invariably how you ended up doing things the hard way? That was me on my first ever organized group ride. It was the Seattle Salmon run. It was the longest ride to date I had ever done, 60 miles through different neighborhoods of Seattle.

I had the turn by turn instructions ready, but either 1) they were incorrect, or 2) I messed up. I think 2 is more likely! At the time, I had never heard, nor did I notice, the Dan Henrys. Those road markings that tell you exactly where to go.

Left turn ahead on the STP
Left turn ahead on the STP

While on a ride, simply keeping an eye on the road will lead you right where you need to go! On quite a few rides I am in an area I have never been before. Without these, the ride would be much less enjoyable. So, when I got an email from Phil, the organizer of Sunday’s century ride, I was pissed off! Continue reading “OK that is just plain mean”

Ok its starting to get real!

Did you ever break out a calendar, look at the date and go OH SHIT!  Yep, so have I.  This year has flown by, and April faster than anything.  Suddenly it turns out that April is over this week.

Why does that matter?  Well I don’t care about the month itself.  I don’t run around every year shouting “Its April!”  No, the problem is, the first Century ride of the year is next Sunday! Continue reading “Ok its starting to get real!”