It seemed like a much easier plan in my head!

So this week is Michelle’s birthday! We won’t say which one of course, but to me she still looks like she is a hot chick in her 30s!

Her birthday is Thursday, so I wanted to do something fun on one of the weekends around it.

Next weekend I am taking the Manchild back to college, so that meant this weekend was it. I came up with a plan… Continue reading “It seemed like a much easier plan in my head!”

Riding your age

A few years ago, I learned of a cycling tradition. On your birthday you are supposed to ride your new age. I kinda like this idea, as anything that gets me out on two wheels is a good thing. However, I am pretty sure the guy or gal who started this was still in the 20s, and had a July birthday. Why? Because when you are in your 50s and have a November birthday this is MUCH more challenging.

Therefore I have made some modifications… Continue reading “Riding your age”

A good Hubby?

Well yall, last week I posted about Michelle’s birthday, it was a milestone one (with a zero at the end) so it was very important. I checked with her Sunday evening, after all had left and the house was quiet (and the Seahawks won!) to see how it went.  She said it was PERFECT!  And since then, on the blog and other places I’ve gotten some great reviews on being a good hubby.  But trust me, I had help…. Continue reading “A good Hubby?”

Ending one Year and Starting Another!

Michelle and I have an unwritten rule, we really try NOT to be out and about late on New Years Eve.  Too many drunk people and nuts on the road, we prefer our own house.

With that in mind, we took off from work at three and made a bee-line across the lake to Woodinville.  Most wineries were closed, but William Church was open till 4.  We tasted there, and found a new wine we liked, Tres’ Bien, their Cab Franc.  A bottle came home with us.

When we got here, we made mushroom risotto (YUM!).  It takes a helluva lot of stirring, but it is well worth it!  After dinner, with wine in hand we finished off the old year with the teapot.

image Continue reading “Ending one Year and Starting Another!”

40 X 2

Well, as you know, one only turns 80 years old once.  I guess I should say, if you are lucky enough to survive that long, you will only turn 80 once!  That would be my Mother-in-Law this month.  Yep, she was born in July of 1933.

However, like many of us, she doesn’t like to admit her age, and she is NOT excited about the big Eight-Zero.   Continue reading “40 X 2”