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A new Milestone and a new name!

Long, LONG ago when Michelle convinced me (and correctly so) that I wanted to be a blogger, the Mountainstroh blog was called 10,000 miles of Experiences, Adventures and Thoughts! Somewhere along the line I made the rule that I would … Continue reading

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Bloggers Block?

I have quite a few friends that are real writers.  They have published books, articles and poetry.  I’ve never asked them, but I am sure at least one, if not all of them, have from time to time suffered from … Continue reading

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One Year In! Back to basics!

I logged into WordPress today, and saw a new trophy.  It’s the one year anniversary of the day Michelle set up my 10000 miles.  The original plan was to post mostly about tips for new bike riders, and about my … Continue reading

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Racking Up the Miles: December 2013

Here it is, the 12th post out of 12, chronicling the number of miles these legs and this butt have pedaled in a month.  You may be thinking (or maybe not) “Hey, this is a day early!!  There is still … Continue reading

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The Dilemma

So I have a curiosity question to pose to y’all today.  Did I do the right thing?  “The right thing about what?”, you may ask.  Well I’ll tell you.  The title of this blog is 10,000 Miles of Experiences, Adventures … Continue reading

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My buddy Jim is a published author.  He has one #1 book on Amazon, he is in the process of writing the sequel, and he is writing a 3rd book on the side.  All while being a husband and a … Continue reading

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Is it Rude or Not?

A few days ago one of my wife’s best friends from college put a post on Facebook.  She was told by a mutual friend of her’s that she should stop talking about her workouts in front of another weight challenged … Continue reading

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I’m a Blogger?

OK, so here it is, almost 2 months after my lovely wife Michelle set up this blog for me and I am still posting daily entries. More importantly, I am not doing them because I have to, I do it … Continue reading

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