Reward for a Good Deed!

As you may or may not know, I am known in real life as Cold and Callous Valente. I try to hide out and keep to myself. I do fun raiser bike rides, and donate to others doing the same type of thing, but I don’t volunteer that often.

To make up for this, Michelle, my gorgeous wife,

has a HUGE heart and likes to help others. She also knows she can volunteer me as well, as I am always happy to help and be with her. This weekend was one of those times… Continue reading “Reward for a Good Deed!”

Food makes the legs go round

As we rode along the Oregon Coast, Rob and I saw some amazing sights. Whales swimming, waves crashing, gorgeous trees and great beaches. Most of the stops along the way were due to me wanting to take year another photo.


However, there were other things I truly enjoyed, the food!  Continue reading “Food makes the legs go round”


So there I was on Friday afternoon, teaching my class, when I got an email from my boss lady.  To paraphrase it said:

“Hey, I know you are teaching class, but what are the chances of you getting me the follow up info you are collecting for the earlier project, in a format I can use to share with my boss?  Can i get it end by end of day Thursday?”

Damn!  The good news on this is that the guys I am teaching will be transitioning this week.  That means I will have some time to compile the information.  The bad news, I didn’t have the info I needed in the office I am teaching in. No way though am I going to tell her no, I like my boss… Continue reading “Squirrel”