Sometimes it takes a while

There are things about me that surprise people I work with.

Since I am very loud and energetic, plus I being an excellent public speaker, in class and out, people find it very hard to believe I am an introvert (albeit a noisy one!)

I am also very good at trouble shooting tech issues in classes, meetings and for individuals.  I am not afraid to click buttons, mess with wires or Pull a Panama (Google it) to make things work.

Because of this some think I probably like to get the latest techie stuff…. Continue reading “Sometimes it takes a while”

Point and Shoot Baby!

It is time to retire an old friend.  A trusted companion.  Something that has traveled with me on each and every adventure I have been on since 2006 or so.  It has helped me document the things I’ve seen and provided more blog fodder than anything else.  It’s my Canon A580 Powershot camera.


This thing has traveled to Alaska to Key West, to the Ocean to the top of mountains.  It’s been rained, on, snowed on, frozen, baked in the sun and everything in between.   It’s been chased by zombies and dropped more times than I can count.

Sadly, at the Jingle Bell run this year, it got dropped on the road, and even duct tape may not save it.

It did an amazing job though, and today I tweeted a picture, and was asked what kind of camera and lens I used.  Point and shoot!  So I decided that today I should share some of my favorite memories it captured for me. Continue reading “Point and Shoot Baby!”