Reach the Beach 2018

After a slow start to the cycling year, heavy rains, freezing temps and a move to a new state will do that, now that we have gotten down here, the miles have picked up! April got me 426 miles, and yesterday was the first century (100) mile ride of the year. The Reach the Beach 2018. Portland Or to Pacific City on the coast.

I’ve lost count of the century rides I’ve done, though if you ask me about any one of them specifically, I can tell you a story about it. This one was different though, for the fist time I was not riding alone… Continue reading “Reach the Beach 2018”

The Last Century Ride of 2017

Since the beginning of Mountainstroh the cyclist, I have had the opportunity to ride the Lung Association’s Reach the Beach (from Portland to Pacific City) twice.


Finished Reach the Beach









Both times have been fun! So this year when I got an email early on saying the same group was going to do an inaugural ride in Washington, Michelle told me (and I agreed) that I had to sign up! The day of the ride was September 30th…. Continue reading “The Last Century Ride of 2017”

HOLY CRAP! Spring finally showed up!

I was born, a long LONG time ago, in Boston. But as an army brat I moved around a lot. I DO like the Red Sox, and, until Tom Brady came on the scene, I liked the Patriots. Rarely, if ever, though, do I think of myself as a Bostonian. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest since Junior High, so as far as I am concerned, I am a Northwesterner!

This means, rain doesn’t normally bug me. Lord knows I have ridden in it enough!

This year has been nuts though! We have had more rain since October than EVER before. And, even I am tired of it! (Last week I was caught riding home in a thunderstorm)

So, when it was heard that today, A SATURDAY no less, was going to be in the 70s and sunny, plans had to be made! Continue reading “HOLY CRAP! Spring finally showed up!”

RSVP day 1

Back in 1980, Mt St Helens blew and blew big. This caused disruptions to many people in the state of Washington, as you might expect. One such disruption, was the cancellation of the Seattle to Portland ride. Roads were gone, or flooded, or buried in ash, or all three…  NOT conducive to riding.

That year the RSVP was born: Ride from Seattle to Vancouver BC and Party! People enjoyed the ride so much it became an annual event. Friday morning, I started my second riding of this run…. Continue reading “RSVP day 1”

Time to make some miles!

Folks, 2016 has been a strange year.  The weather, up and until now, has been closer to a normal Seattle winter and spring (Which makes it a bit harder to ride) so the miles I earned each month have been much less than last year.

I am not too concerned about the totals, but the lower miles means less exercise.  But after a decent April (to be discussed in a forthcoming post) it was time to kick it up a notch… Continue reading “Time to make some miles!”

Nuthin to Prove

I can’t remember the year, but it was sometime early in the 2000s, and I was going for my 3rd attempt at Mt Rainier.  Having to turn around the two times prior, though necessary, was a major blow to this cowboy.

I was SURE I was going to make it the 3rd time.  I trained harder and longer, read everything I could get my hands on, and mentally visualized myself on top.  I had also found a quote from a mountaineer that I loved:  “Summit or die, either way I win! ” I wanted to get a t-shirt made.  My plan was to lie through my teeth, and do whatever it took to make it to the top.

Yeah I didn’t make it. That’s not the story here.

This weekend, I learned how much I have changed from that younger me. Continue reading “Nuthin to Prove”

The Let Down

You know I should be more ready for this.  It has happened every year since 2008 when I got the bike.  The let down.

This time last week, I was buzzing all over the place.  Getting the bike ready, attaching the number, 484, to the jersey, helmet, and bike.  Filling water bottles, camel back and the yellow bag.  Packing the last bit of stuff for the time in Oregon.  I hadn’t sat down since I got home, nor would I till about 9 when I finally got to bed.  This week its a different story…. Continue reading “The Let Down”

The First STP

As you might imagine, most of my focus right now is on the Seattle to Portland.  Here it is Thursday before the big ride, and I am as ready as I will ever be!  This will be my third time riding this ride and the second time going the entire 206 miles in one day.

imageWhen I first did it though, way back in 08, it was only the second BIG ride I’d ever done.  I was thinking about it today and remembering what all happened…. Continue reading “The First STP”

A Cycling Good Deed

As planned, today was the last ‘real’ riding day before the Seattle to Portland.  I got up  early, made some farm fresh scrambled eggs (DAMN they were good) and I was ready to go about 7AM.

It was a bit of a struggle getting outside.  I really wanted to just hang around the house.  But finally I got my butt in gear and headed out for my 40 mile training route through Everett and Woodinville.  Who knew I’d be helping a buncha riders find the right route? Continue reading “A Cycling Good Deed”

The Day AFTER a big ride

So as anyone who read yesterday’s post knows, I rode a century yesterday that honestly kicked my butt a little and did in fact draw blood.  OK, the blood was from the finger, but it drew it none the less.

A smarter man woulda left the bike at home today.  However, this is one of the weeks I can only ride home 3 days.  Next week, I am working at the office that is only 5 miles away, and the following week I am resting the legs to get ready for the big ride.  I still feel the need for more miles before the STP.  That meant today I rode…. Continue reading “The Day AFTER a big ride”