RSVP Day 2

There is a question amongst those of us who have ridden the Seattle to Portland.  Is it easier to ride 200 miles in one long day, or to ride 100 miles the first day, then get up and do it again the next?

I have only done back to back rides like that twice in my career. The first was my first STP back in 208, the 2nd was the first RSVP in 2009. This last Saturday would be my third…. Continue reading “RSVP Day 2”

Get a bike and join us!

Well, folks, yesterday was the 4th big ride of the month, The Flying Wheels Summer Century.  Of all of them, it was the one I was least excited about.  I do it every year since its close and a good training ride, but the past years have not been a lot of fun due to weather, cars and other cyclists.  So I got up and resigned myself for a 100 mile workout.  I was hoping not to be grouchy at the end.

Maybe it’s because of my low expectations for the day, or the cycle gods were on my side, but I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out! Continue reading “Get a bike and join us!”

I don’t like it, reverse it!

To those who know me in real live life, I know this admission will be a shocker.  But yes, I am a creature of habit.  I may have mentioned this in previous posts, but I have oatmeal for breakfast each day, in the same chair in the cafeteria.  A hard-boiled egg at 9 to hold me over till my salad at 11, then a walk at lunch. Some might consider this boring, while I consider it efficient!

This can be said, in some ways, about my riding as well.  There are just some rides I do every year.  The Chilly Hilly in February, the McClinchy mile in March, and, like this last weekend, The May Day Classic, in well, May.  I knows what I likes, so I keep doing it.

However, this year I finally figured out why I always feel a little ‘off’ at the end.

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Lord things are gonna start getting busy

It makes me laugh to title this post this way.  Why?  Cuz I have to tell you, for the last month and a half at work I have been busier than, as my dad would say, a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest! Between teaching in Spokane and two projects that are due at the same time, it has been non-stop.

Then at home, Michelle and I have been helping out her mom, (mostly her but I help!) Working in the garden (mostly her but I help) and both of us have been working out a lot!  She now has three half marathons to do this year, and I of course have the RAMROD.

May, however, will be even worse! I mean BETTER!!

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Been there, done that, bought the tshirt

Well folks, the big ride for 2014 has come and gone!  Yesterday I completed the Seattle to Portland in one day.  Officially it is 204 miles , but my odometer read a bit more 207.38


I’ve come to a decision though, this was my LAST STP… Continue reading “Been there, done that, bought the tshirt”

T Minus One Week and counting!

Well, here it is Saturday afternoon, July 5th, at about 3:00 PM.  One week from right now, I had better be very close to heading over the Columbia River on the  Lewis and Clark Bridge entering Oregon on the Seattle to Portland ride.

Yep, after signing up in January, it is finally here!  So today, before the rain started, it was time to get the hands dirty a bit!


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The BEST pre ride email I’ve ever received

This is the most comprehensive, helpful, infomative and funny pre ride email I’ve ever received!

Hello Riders!

I went up to Crater Lake this past weekend to make one last run around the course and wanted to give you some last minute notes and observations!

Observations: Continue reading “The BEST pre ride email I’ve ever received”