Challenges of an Oregon Coast Cyclist

You know, I pondered a bit about the title of this post. Ya see, the challenges I am going to talk about are really NOT unique to those of us lucky enough to ride on the coast.

However, since I AM an Oregon Coast Cyclists and these were the challenges for me today, the title stands… Continue reading “Challenges of an Oregon Coast Cyclist”

Because it’s there

I started reading a new book today. I know it will be shock that is has to do with cycling. In this case, it’s a cyclists who wanted to use her bike to cross Alaska in the winter. Yes, yes, I know the first thing that probably pops into your head is “WHY?? Why would someone want to do that?” (And for the record, I think cycling is Alaska would be amazing!! In winter it would totally suck!)

As the book starts, she tries to tackle the question She, and I, and many of us who push themselves get, WHY do you do stuff like this? Continue reading “Because it’s there”

November Challenges

As we know, I live in the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, Mountlake Terrace, about 15 miles (a 45 minute drive at rush hour) north of Seattle. We in the PNW know that when the Month of November hits it is time to hunker down! November is, bar none the stormiest, and worst weather month of the year. So far, 2017 has lived up to this.

For the stuff I need to do, this presents some serious challenges… Continue reading “November Challenges”

Does Make me Wonder

I know tomorrow the world will be full of posts about the Super Bowl, the commercials and lady Gaga. I am happy to say I didn’t watch a play of the game. Quite honestly, I didn’t care this year.

Instead, for the last 3 or 4 days I have been reading quite a lot. In fact I finished two books in that same time frame. One was an EXCELLENT science fiction book, let me know if you are interested. The other was Rainier Sojourn: Around Rainier on the Wonderland Trail, by Daniel Saviers. Not bad at all.

This is not a book review of either book, though I may do one about Rainier book later. Instead, it’s a post about one line in the book. Near the end, when they were making the final push to the car, the author wrote:

In my limited experience it seems that it is the mind that gives up before the body is defeated…

Wow that got me thinking…. Continue reading “Does Make me Wonder”

RSVP Day 2

There is a question amongst those of us who have ridden the Seattle to Portland.  Is it easier to ride 200 miles in one long day, or to ride 100 miles the first day, then get up and do it again the next?

I have only done back to back rides like that twice in my career. The first was my first STP back in 208, the 2nd was the first RSVP in 2009. This last Saturday would be my third…. Continue reading “RSVP Day 2”

Book Review: Full Cycle by Christopher Blunt

Ladies and gents, I love reading cycling books. People travel to places I will never go (but wish I could). A good writer can share the pain, triumph and euphoria of riding a bike.

There are very few cycling fiction books that I have found. However, once I saw a review in Cascade bike clubs newsletter this month, I had to order it… Continue reading “Book Review: Full Cycle by Christopher Blunt”

Someday I will…

I was an army brat as I grew up.  I was lucky though, I didn’t have to move around near as often as some people did.  In fact, I’ve lived in Washington state ever since I started the 8th grade.  I may not be a native, but 37 years here makes it close.  Gotta say, given the weather in the rest of the country this winter, I am glad I do live here.

During my high school years I was NOT athletic at all.  I did not go out for sports, though I knew a lot of people who did.  I was much more likely to read a book and do homework than work out.  I will say I rode my bike a lot, and played football and baseball with friends, but nothing organized at all.

Somewhere, though, even though I was all of 120 lbs and not an athlete, I made the decision that I want to do a few  things “someday”…
Continue reading “Someday I will…”

Once Again I am Sure I Got the Message Backwards

I love it when my friends and family come through, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes inadvertently, with a great idea for a blog post.  There are times I will sit and look at the screen for quite a while, before anything happens.  Those nights, 10000 miles is work.  However, tonight, thanks to a great friend from college, Judy, I knew right away what I would be posting!

This morning, on he Facebook feed, she posted this picture:

imageProblem is, as usual, my interpretation of the message is much different from what I assume is the rest of the worlds Continue reading “Once Again I am Sure I Got the Message Backwards”