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You Just Never Know!

Folks, a bit of a warning, this post will start out a bit melancholy, but that is the exact opposite of my intent. I am hoping that by the end, you will see the reason for the post…

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Because it’s there

I started reading a new book today. I know it will be shock that is has to do with cycling. In this case, it’s a cyclists who wanted to use her bike to cross Alaska in the winter. Yes, yes, … Continue reading

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November Challenges

As we know, I live in the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, Mountlake Terrace, about 15 miles (a 45 minute drive at rush hour) north of Seattle. We in the PNW know that when the Month of November hits it is time … Continue reading

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Does Make me Wonder

I know tomorrow the world will be full of posts about the Super Bowl, the commercials and lady Gaga. I am happy to say I didn’t watch a play of the game. Quite honestly, I didn’t care this year. Instead, … Continue reading

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RSVP Day 2

There is a question amongst those of us who have ridden the Seattle to Portland.  Is it easier to ride 200 miles in one long day, or to ride 100 miles the first day, then get up and do it again … Continue reading

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Book Review: Full Cycle by Christopher Blunt

Ladies and gents, I love reading cycling books. People travel to places I will never go (but wish I could). A good writer can share the pain, triumph and euphoria of riding a bike. There are very few cycling fiction … Continue reading

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One of the excuses for not riding a bike I hear quite often is: I’d get a bike, but I HATE going uphill! Now I try NOT to roll my eyes when they say it. They would never understand that … Continue reading

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Someday I will…

I was an army brat as I grew up.  I was lucky though, I didn’t have to move around near as often as some people did.  In fact, I’ve lived in Washington state ever since I started the 8th grade. … Continue reading

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Once Again I am Sure I Got the Message Backwards

I love it when my friends and family come through, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes inadvertently, with a great idea for a blog post.  There are times I will sit and look at the screen for quite a while, before … Continue reading

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Well said Joe Kurmaskie!

One of my favorite authors, especially when it comes to cycling, is Joe Kurmaskie.  He has many books, all to do with cycling, and the link to his site is over to the right of this post.  I have read them … Continue reading

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