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A busy day!!

We are coming up on the one month anniversary of moving to the ocean! In some ways it seems like time has flown by, in others it seems like forever ago we left Mountlake Terrace. But, unlike coming to Lincoln … Continue reading

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Time to make some miles!

Folks, 2016 has been a strange year.  The weather, up and until now, has been closer to a normal Seattle winter and spring (Which makes it a bit harder to ride) so the miles I earned each month have been much … Continue reading

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I am tuckered!

Once again, a week makes a major difference in the life of our hero.  Last weekend was wet and miserable.  A major windstorm blew through and knocked over our little free library, and it was just flat wet and cold! … Continue reading

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Today the jerks were out in force!

Anyone who read yesterdays post knows my Saturday was shot.  Working the winery is a blast, but it does tend to kill the day.  That meant everything that needed to get done this weekend, got done Sunday…

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Racking up the Miles: September 2014

Wow, I woke up this morning and it hit me:  Today was the first day of October.  I don’t know if’n it global warming, a disturbance in the force, or a malfunctioning flux- capacitor, but this year is FLYING by.  Part … Continue reading

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A good way to end a good weekend

Well folks, here is a first for me.  I have gone two weekends in a row WITHOUT riding the bike!  Shocking?  Yes I know!  I gotta tell you though, I was busier than hell this weekend!

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Day of Rest My Eye!

OK, recently I posted that I had completed my over 2 year journey of reading the good book.  There is a LOT of information in there, but one recurring theme is that Sunday is a day of rest. So like … Continue reading

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Efficient Valente they Call Me!

I used to tell people that any of the world’s problems could be solved easily if they just assigned it to a college kid, and told him it was due tomorrow!  I remember getting some serious work done the night … Continue reading

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Dad and Husband Duty Day

Not every day can be a free wheeling, tail wind blowing, mad cap century ride to the Pacific Ocean.  Nor can it be a fun-filled, wine sipping, hand holding weekend away. Alas there are times when dad and husband duties … Continue reading

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